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Alice Roberts Health 2024: Weight Loss Before And After

Alice Roberts is making headlines following her interview with The Times. Due to that, the concern related to Alice Roberts health is gradually increasing.

Alice Roberts is a renowned English academic, TV presenter, and author. She is the Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham.

Since 2012, she has been taking the respective position. Between January 2019 and May 2022, Alice was president of the charity Humanists UK.

In addition, Roberts also serves as the organization’s vice president. Likewise, she has been a part of some television shows including Time Team Live.

In August 2010, Alice presented a one-hour documentary on BBC Four, Wild Swimming. Furthermore, she is currently in the media prominence for her interview with Time.

In the respective interview, Roberts revealed that she worked up to 120 hours a week during her tenure at the University Hospital of Wales in Heath.

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Alice Roberts Health Update In 2024

As of 2024, there is no news of Alice Roberts having any health issues as she is doing well and is completely okay.

However, many people on the internet sources have made unwanted speculation related to Roberts’ personal life.

This may be the reason why the news regarding her health came into the media prominence.

Alice Roberts Health
Alice Roberts health is completely fine and there is no news of her dealing with any illnesses. ( Source: The Telegraph )

Meanwhile, Roberts has never opened up about her having any health issues in the past too.

Despite all the ongoing gossip, Roberts kept her mouth shut and ignored all the fake rumors.

Considering everything, it can be said that, Roberts also falls into the category of those who mainly keep the information related to her life far from the public domain.

Alice Roberts Weight Loss Journey Explored

Alice Roberts has lost weight and in the past, she also opened up about her weight loss journey.

In an interview, Roberts disclosed that she disclosed that she is a fish-eating vegetarian. In the past, she was completely vegetarian for 18 years.

Alice Roberts Weight Loss
Alice Roberts has been open about her weight loss journey in an interview. ( Source: The Times )

She started to eat fish when she was pregnant with her daughter. Few nutritionists would encourage Alice’s routine of having only a black coffee for breakfast.

Likewise, Roberts remains deeply concerned about the societal and cultural relationship with sugar.

In addition to that, she tries to add movement and bags of peace into her daily routine. Considering everything, it can be said that Roberts must have maintained her weight.

Alice Roberts Before And After Weight Loss Photo

Some sources on the internet sources have shared Alice Roberts before and after weight loss photos.

As said earlier, Alice has a proper diet plan and exercises. Due to that, she has maintained her weight.

Furthermore, the news about her weight loss has remained prominent in the media for a long time, and people have raised many questions about this matter.

Alice Roberts Before And After
Alice Roberts before and after photos have been shared by some sources on the web. ( Source: The Guardian )

Due to that, some sources have made news about Alice’s weight loss and compared her images.

Apart from that, Alice also has a strong presence on various social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

From her social media handles, Roberts has also posted some snaps on her accounts.

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