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Selling the Hamptons: Who Is Ashley Allen Boyfriend Jay Moore? Dating And Relationship

Ashley Allen of Selling the Hamptons is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Jay Moore. The adorable couple have been together for several years. But who exactly is the reality TV star’s beau?

Ashley Allen is a dynamic individual known for her role in the reality television show “Selling the Hamptons.”

The show, which airs on HBO Max, provides an inside look at the competitive real estate market in the Hamptons.

Ashley joined the cast in its second season, bringing fresh and lively energy to the team at Nest Seekers International, a real estate firm based in Southampton.

In addition to her television career, Ashley is the founder of Seedybean, a company that specializes in plants.

Her diverse interests and vibrant personality make her a standout figure in the show.

Ashley’s approach to her work, combined with her professional insight, sets her apart in the high-stakes world of real estate.

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Who Is Ashley Allen Boyfriend Jay Moore?

Ashley Allen, a prominent figure from the reality TV show “Selling the Hamptons,” is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Jay Moore.

The couple, madly in love, recently made a public appearance together at the premiere party for ‘Selling the Hamptons’ on 26 February 2024.

Ashley Allen Boyfriend
Ashley Allen’s Boyfriend, Jay Moore, runs an X-Treame Restoration business. (Image Source: Instagram)

Ashley’s boyfriend, Jay Moore, is a well-established entrepreneur who runs an X-Treme Restoration business.

As stated on its official website, Allen Boyfriendsite, this business is a second-generation enterprise specializing in restoration.

With years of knowledge passed down through generations, from restoring grand homes to classic cars, they treat each project as a unique opportunity to showcase their skills.

In addition, their motto is simple yet powerful: “If you can dream it! We can build it!”

Furthermore, Ashley Allen has provided a testimonial on the website, praising Jay’s work ethic and communication skills.

She described him as quick, fair, and reliable and appreciated his understanding of her visions.

She commended his work on various aspects of her new home, including electrical, plumbing, and renovation work.

Ashley intended to continue using X-Treme Restorations for all her home needs and recommended their services to others.

The reality TV show star concluded her testimonial with a confident endorsement, stating, “You won’t be disappointed.”

Ashley Allen And Jay Moore Dating And Relationship

Ashley Allen and Jay Moore are in a loving relationship with one another.

The adorable couple has been together for over three years. According to an Instagram post, Allen and Moore have been dating since mid-2022.

Ashley Allen Boyfriend
Ashley Allen and her boyfriend, Jay Moore, have been dating since 2022. (Image Source: Instagram)

The Allen-Moore couple’s relationship is characterized by a deep affection for each other, which they do not shy away from expressing publicly.

Their Instagram feeds, filled with endearing snapshots that capture their shared moments and experiences, are a testament to their love.

In addition to their personal bond, Ashley and Jay are each other’s biggest supporters regarding their professional lives.

They highly support each other’s careers, demonstrating a deep respect and admiration for each other’s work.

This mutual support is a testament to their strong partnership, personally and professionally.

Their relationship is not just about their love for each other but also about their shared values and mutual respect.

They are a team, supporting each other in their individual pursuits while building a life together.

Ashley and Jay’s relationship is an inspiring example of a modern-day partnership, where love, respect, and mutual support form the foundation of their bond.

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