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Is BW Carlin Leaving Barstool? What Happened And Where Is He Going?

BW Carlin leaving Barstool still makes headlines, but he left the company in 2021. He also announced his social media handles, giving the reason for his departure from Barstool.

Bailey Carlin, famous as BW Carlin, is a former employee at Barstool. During his time at Barstool News, he served as a social media specialist and blogger.

In addition to that, he also freelanced for Barstool’s Twitter account on NFL Sundays. Besides that, he also worked at Sports Illustrated in the past.

Considering everything, it can be said that Carlin has gained broad experience by working in various companies.

Not to mention, Carlin is now running a business of his own, Bad Brain Digital Consulting LLC, which he founded in 2021.

It’s been quite a while now since Carlin left Barstool News, but people on the internet sources often ask questions about this matter.

Is BW Carlin Leaving Barstool?

BW Carlin leaving Barstool news is again in the limelight. Many people are speculating that Carlin is leaving the company.

However, Carlin previously worked at Barstool and left the company in 2021. During his time at Barstool, he took over the role of social media specialist and blogger.

BW Carlin Leaving Barstool
BW Carlin left Barstool News in 2021 after serving there for over a year. ( Source: Instagram )

Carlin worked there for more than one year. Furthermore, Carlin also blogged about episodes of Token CEO and topics related to the podcast.

After being at the company for over a year, Carlin thought of leaving them. In 2021, it was revealed that Carlin was leaving Barstool.

Meanwhile, Carlin also discussed this matter at Friday Night Pints 51; the video can still be found on YouTube.

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Where Is BW Carlin Going? New Job

Following BW Carlin departure from Barstool, netizens have asked questions about his new job or plans.

Carlin himself shared the news of leaving Barstool via his Twitter handle and revealed that he has started a company of his own.

BW Carlin New Job
BW Carlin left Barstool News in 2021 and is running his own business. ( Source: Instagram )

While sharing the April 9, 2021 post, he wrote, “Hey everyone, I have some big news. Next week is my last at Barstool. I’d never want to work for anyone else…which is why I’m not.”

He continued, “I’ve formed my own company, Bad Brain Digital Consulting LLC, and will be out on my own. I always talk about betting on yourself, it’s time.”

Considering this fact, it can be said that Carlin is now focused on his own business, Bad Brain.

Details On BW Carlin Life And Career

BW Carlin gained widespread recognition after his work at Barstool. Before that, he also worked in other companies.

Reportedly, Carlin teaches Sports and Social Media at Marist. He started his career at Sports Illustrated by working as a social media editor and gambling writer.

BW Carlin Career
BW Carlin has gained broad experience by working in various companies in the past. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, Carlin served at Marist for 18 months. Before serving at Sports Illustrated, he also worked as a high school teacher.

In addition to that, BW also has experience working as a social media editor at the XFL. He served at XFL for four months until its dismissal due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Moreover, Carlin is now busy running a company named Bad Brain, a digital consulting firm specializing in all things social media.

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