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Detective June Hawkins Net Worth 2024: Salary Career Earning And Achievement

June Hawkins net worth created a buzz online when she was recognized as the real-life Miami police sergeant. Her part has also been featured in Griselda.

June Hawkins is a retired Miami police sergeant currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, as reported by her Facebook.

Furthermore, Hawkins’ name became media prominence after her life was featured on the Netflix series Griselda.

Hawkins made history as one of Miami PD’s first female homicide detectives, playing a crucial role in bringing Griselda and others to justice.

Hawkins could translate eyewitness statements for her white male colleagues as a Spanish speaker.

Storytelling-wise, the Griselda writers found intriguing connections between the two women.

Detective June Hawkins Net Worth In 2024

Detective June Hawkins net worth is one of the most searched terms online. As of 2024, it remains unclear how much her fortune is.

However, June must have preserved a considerable fortune from her work as a detective in the past.

As of now, none of the verified media outlets have given the facts regarding Hawkins’ earnings.

June Hawkins Net Worth
June Hawkins worked as a detective, and her net worth may be pretty decent. (Source: Facebook)

Hawkins has kept herself away from the media sources, making it quite challenging to track everything related to her professional career.

Furthermore, Hawkins has already retired from her work as a detective. So, she must be living a retired life now.

As said earlier, Hawkins resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Her name made headlines after being linked to the case of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco.

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June Hawkins Salary, Career Earning, And Achievement

As mentioned above, June Hawkins worked as a detective in the past. During her professional career, Hawkins may have taken home a decent salary.

In the United States of America, a person working as a detective earns $90005 per year on average.

Considering this fact, it can be speculated that Hawkins may have earned in the same range when she was active.

June Hawkins Achievement
June Hawkins’ son Eric posted a photo on Facebook related to his mother. (Source: Facebook)

However, nothing related to her earnings can be confirmed. Hawkins had a talent for police work.

Although she never aspired to be a police officer, Hawkins became one of Miami PD’s first female homicide detectives.

The most notable work in her career appears to be the case of Colombia drug lord Griselda.

More Facts On Detective June Hawkins

June Hawkins is a former police sergeant. In the 1970s, Hawkins joined the police force and later retired in 2004.

She then moved from Miami to Tennessee with her husband, Al Singleton. Not to mention, her husband is said to be a former Miami-Dade drug homicide detective.

Also, Singleton was central to the team that captured  Griselda Blanco. June is also the mother of a son named Eric Reynolds.

June Hawkins son
June Hawkins was photographed with her son, who is associated with the Boynton Beach Police Department, working as an officer. (Source: Facebook)

Eric followed the same career path as his mum, as he is associated with the Boynton Beach Police Department, working as an officer.

As mentioned earlier, Hawkins’ role is featured in Griselda. While consulting on the show during its production, she provided valuable insights and expertise.

Moreover, June can be followed on Facebook, but she rarely makes posts about her ongoing life via her account.

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