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Kansas City Parade Shooter Dominic Miller Health And Illness: Is He Sick?

Kansas City Parade Shooter Dominic Miller reportedly faced second-degree murder charges along with Lyndell Mays. Following the incident, Miller’s health quickly became the talk of the town. 

The Kansas authorities announced multiple charges against two gunmen, reportedly Dominic Miller and Lyndell Mays, on February 20, 2024.

The fatal shooting left 22 hospitalized and one dead at the parade.

Apart from felony charges, they faced two counts for the use of an unlawful weapon and armed criminal action.

One of the two gunmen, Miller, allegedly is either 18 or 19 years old according to trusted sources.

Miller didn’t take any time to draw his weapon out after Mays. Promptly, thousands of individuals scattered as the shots rang out.

Reportedly, Miller’s shooting killed Lisa Lopez Gavlan, a 43-year-old and a mother of two.

The citizens restrained the alleged gunmen until the police came to the horrific scene.

Reportedly, the age scope of the victims ranges from 8 to 47 years old, where 12 innocent children became injured during the firing alongside the fatal wounds of Lisa.

The two juveniles were charged as minors. However, there are chances that they might face trials as adults in the coming weeks.

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Kansas City Parade Shooter Dominic Miller Health

In nearly no time, Kansas City Parade Shooter Dominic Miller’s health details drew substantial attention. However, it remains discreet as of now.

The nature of the alleged gunmen’s injuries sustained from the incident is unascertained so far. That said, they have been hospitalized, officials reported.

A photo of Lyndell surfaced on the web with a bandage around his right cheek. It seems he suffered minor injuries during the altercation.

However, it remains unconfirmed if the photo making rounds on the web is from trusted sources.

Initially, a verbal altercation in no time turned into a fatal shooting in the parade on February 14, 2024.

Without considering the thousands of attendees in the parade, the gunfire broke leading to injuring many individuals in the area.

One of the two gunmen Lyndell Mays
Lyndell Mays is one of the two gunmen in the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting. (Image Source: Facebook)

Speculations relating to his mental health issues rose amidst the chaos of the unprecedented incident.

Individuals with several mental issues show symptoms of aggressive outbursts, hostility, and impulsive behavior.

A simple verbal altercation that could’ve been sorted took the shape of such a fatal incident, raising rumors about his mental issues.

The fact that Miller and Mays only encountered each other in the parade adds to the speculation regarding their health matters.

Nonetheless, any trustworthy sources haven’t ascertained rumors about his physical as well as mental issues so far.

So far, there remains the possibility of the two gunmen charged as minors to be upgraded from adults, the officials stated.

Dominic Miller Illness: Is He Sick?

No confirmed sources substantiate that Dominic Miller had any illness. Little to no information about whether he is sick or not is available on the web.

The confusion might have been raised from the haphazard shooting incident with no regard to thousands of attendees in the area.

Also, it isn’t uncommon for anyone to be a little skeptical with unfounded speculations about his well-being.

Nonetheless, no confirmed information or legitimate public disclosure approves of Miller suffering from any mental or physical illness.

Police officer running to the scene while the attendees restrained the gunmen.
Police officers ran to the scene while the citizens restrained the gunmen. (Image Source: Twitter)

That said, by any chance, the two gunmen might have opted to keep his health matter away from the spotlight.

The mental health issue has become such a serious topic. However, it is still overlooked, if not stigmatized.

Regardless, any individual must respect someone’s privacy and personal choice to conceal health matters.

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