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Eddie Ratcliffe Parents: Father Kyle Ratcliffe And Mother Alice Hemmings

A teenager has been named as one of two people who were involved in the murder of Brianna Ghey. Eddie is one of them and following that, people are concerned about Eddie Ratcliffe parents.

Eddie Ratcliffe is a 16-year-old boy from the  United Kingdom. It has been reported that he has been diagnosed with autism.

His name came into the media prominence after his arrest following his involvement in the murder of Brianna Ghey.

Not to mention, Brianna was a 16-year-old British transgender girl from Birchwood in Warrington. She was stabbed in Culcheth Linear Park in Culcheth.

Eddie and Scarlett Jenkinson were arrested the next day and following their arrest, they were convicted of murder.

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Eddie Ratcliffe Parents: Father Kyle Ratcliffe And Mother Alice Hemmings

Eddie Ratcliffe was born to his parents, Kyle Ratcliffe and Alice Hemmings, in the United Kingdom.

His mother is reportedly an online fitness and wellbeing coach and, latterly, a ski instructor.

Reportedly, she was asked to quit her job as a ski instructor due to the attention on the case.

Eddie Ratcliffe Parents
Eddie Ratcliffe parents Kyle Ratcliffe and Alice Hemmings raised their son along with their two kids. ( Source: Daily Mail )

In 2015, Eddie’s parents bought their old council house for £36,000 through the Right To Buy scheme.

His father is said to be working as the manager of a truck company and also has an interest in martial arts. Also, he is running a small gym of which he is the company director.

Eddie’s mom also comes from an artistic background. Kyle also works as a graphic designer.

Eddie Ratcliffe Family Life Explored

Eddie Ratcliffe was born and raised in a sound family background. Meanwhile, Eddie is not the only child of his parents as he grew up alongside his two siblings.

He is the middle child as Ratcliffe has an older brother and a younger sister. It has been reported that everyone loved Eddie.

A neighbor talked about Eddie, saying, “Eddie has never been any trouble; you’d just see him walking past, minding his own business.”

Eddie Ratcliffe Family
Eddie Ratcliffe is not the only child of his parents; he grew up with two siblings, a son and a daughter. ( Source: Daily Mail )

Ratcliffe started his first term ten days late because he went to Jamaica with his father for the World Kickboxing Championships.

The family bought a campervan for lockdown and had fantastic weekends away together. This makes it clear that the family used to have a good time.

All About Eddie Ratcliffe Ethnicity And Origin

Eddie Ratcliffe is from the United Kingdom and people started asking questions about his personal life after he got linked to the murder case of a girl.

The Ratcliffe family lived ostensibly normal lives. There is very little information related to Eddie’s personal life.

When Ratcliffe was 11 in 2018, he did a kickboxing competition in Jamaica, and the family had fun skiing and boating weekends in the Lake District.

Eddie Ratcliffe Ethnicity
Eddie Ratcliffe was photographed playing in the woods. ( Source: Dail Mail )

Likewise, Ratcliffe was a great student, always focused on his studies, and had never been in trouble with the police before.

Ratcliffe didn’t have many friends, just three Instagram followers. He had a crush on a girl but felt socially awkward, relying on Jenkinson to help him find the right words to talk to her.

In the recent trial, Eddie didn’t make eye contact with his parents who were also present there.

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