Elisabeth Moss Religion: Is She Jewish Or Christian? Ethnicity And Origin

Elisabeth Moss Religion
Elisabeth Moss Discussing on Scientology

Elisabeth Moss Religion is a topic of interest for many fans of the award-winning actress, who is known for her roles in The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men, and The Invisible Man. Let’s find out the truth.

Ruth Elisabeth Moss has been a Scientologist all her life as her parents were passionate supporters of the faith. 

She is also a member of the Church of Scientology, a controversial religion that has been criticized for its secretive practices and alleged abuses.

Moss has defended her faith and said that it is a personal choice that has helped her in her life and career.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Elisabeth Moss discussed her religious affiliation with the Church of Scientology in a deeper way than she typically does.

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Elisabeth Moss Religion: Is She Jewish Or Christian?

Elisabeth Moss is neither Jewish nor Christian, she is a Scientologist. She has been a member of the Church of Scientology since she was a child, as her parents were also followers of the religion.

The actor from “Mad Men” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” has been a Scientologist since when she was a teenager, but she hasn’t talked much about it in talks with the media.

Regarding Scientology, Moss stated, “It’s not really a closed-off religion.” ”It’s a spot that welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more about it with great openness. That, in my opinion, is the item that is most often misinterpreted.”

Moss said that Scientology helped her become a good communicator as a child and urged others to “discover for themselves” whether they have any concerns about the organization.

According to Moss, Scientology keeps her feeling “centered.” She thinks that, according to general opinion, it is an open religion that accepts everyone interested in learning more.

Moss is a feminist who believes in Scientology, has helped her become a better person and has enhanced her communication skills.

Elisabeth Moss religion
Elisabeth Moss supports equal rights for people of all races, religions, and beliefs. (Source: Variety)

However, not all of her followers are happy with her religious background. Moss, however, claims that she has no control over what others believe and that she is unaffected by them.

She also supports equal rights for people of all races, religions, and beliefs, as well as religious freedom and tolerance.

Other renowned Scientologists include Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Tom Cruise.

Moss said to her fans that she certainly felt guilty for believing that Scientology was gospel, and she also stated that it’s a hugely different thing.

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Elisabeth Moss Ethnicity And Origin: Where Is She From?

US actress Elisabeth Moss was born on July 24, 1982, and grew up in Los Angeles, California, after her birth. Elisabeth Singleton Moss is her given name at birth.

Elisabeth’s ethnicity is White; her mother is American with some Swedish ancestry, while her father is British. 

Linda, her mother, lives in New York. She goes with Elisabeth to public events and movie launches, always giving her support.

Sadly, Elisabeth’s parents divorced while she was a young child. What kind of relationship she currently has with her father is unknown.

She is the daughter of Linda Ekstrom Moss and Ronald Charles Moss and they were both musicians.

Her mother played the blues harmonica, while her father was a jazz musician and manager.

Moss’s first dream was to become a professional dancer. She went to the School of American Dance in New York City throughout her teenage years, and then she trained dance with Suzanne Farrell at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Elisabeth Moss ethnicity
Elisabeth Moss has a US and UK of white ethnicity. (Source: Architectural Digest)

Derek Moss is the younger brother of Elisabeth Moss. Derek is a professional filmmaker who was born in 1984.

In addition, Moss has a half-sister named Lisa and a paternal half-brother named Freddie.

Elisabeth Moss first met an actor, Fred Armisen, in October 2008. In 2009-2011, she married actor Fred Armisen in Long Island City, New York. 

On May 13, 2011, the duo divorced; however, the marriage did not last long. After that, she met an Australian cinematographer, Adam Arkapaw, who was emotionally involved and dated for over three years following her divorce.

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