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Eva Kay Wenal Wikipedia And Age: Murder Case Update 2024

Former Playboy Bunny and model was brutally murdered on May 1, 2008 and the case still remains unsolved. However, people still search for Eva Kay Wenal wikipedia. Find out more about her personal life and murder case.

Eva Kay Wenal was a former model and Playboy cocktail waitress who was also famous for being the wife of millionaire Hal Wenal.

Furthermore, Eva’s name came into the limelight after her death news was confirmed. The former model was murdered on May 1, 2008.

The incident happened in her Atlanta suburban home. Meanwhile, a new episode of Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death was recently released.

The new episode titled Who Killed Kay has featured the case of Eva as she was found covered in her pool of blood in her Georgia home.

So, people want to know more about this case, but before that, let’s explore some facts related to Eva.

Eva Kay Wenal Wikipedia And Biography

Eva Kay Wenal was a former model who remained active in the field for a long time. Besides that, she was also a Playboy cocktail waitress.

Around the time she was in college, Eva got married and even got pregnant. Her first marriage ended as Eva left her husband and child to move to her dad’s place in Texas.

Eva Kay Wenal Wikipedia
Eva Kay Wenal was a former model and a Playboy cocktail waitress. ( Source: CBS News )

Later, Wenal became a certified dental assistant in the late 1970s. Furthermore, she also worked as a cocktail waitress at a Playboy Club in Miami.

Following her third marriage, Eva also pursued a career as a model. After tying the knot with Harold “Hal” Stanley Wenal, she shot to fame.

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Eva Kay Wenal Age: How Was She At Her Death?

Eva Kay Wenal age was 60 years old at the time of her passing. For your information, she was born on January 22, 1948, in Prescott, Arkansas.

Furthermore, Eva was not the only child of her parents; she grew up alongside her sister Pam Sleeper.

Eva Kay Wenal Age
Eva Kay Wenal was 60 years old at the time of her passing. ( Source: The Mirror )

Meanwhile, Pam was younger than Eva. Eva’s loved ones described her as straightforward, always speaking her mind and holding people responsible for their actions.

Her father was involved in an oil business job and in her early days, Eva had to live in various places.

Apart from that, her parents also separated when Eva was quite young.

Eva Kay Wenal Murder Case Update 2024

Eva Kay Wenal’s murder case still makes headlines in 2024. She was murdered on May 1, 2008. On the day of her murder, Hal left for work as usual and Eva joined him at his company’s offices later.

Eva stayed for about 30 minutes and returned home feeling unwell. She had intended to spend the afternoon helping to find renters for her Hat’s shopping centres but ended up staying home.

Eva Kay Wenal Murder
Eva Kay Wenal was murdered on May 1, 2008. ( Source: CBS News )

Furthermore, Eva was reading a book on the couch with her glasses on when someone knocked on her door.

When she went to answer it, Wenal was met with sudden and shocking violence. The attacker assaulted Wenal several times, slamming her head against the wall or floor and hitting her in the face.

Police reported that the attacker slit her throat twice. Meanwhile, the killer didn’t leave any signs on the scene and the case remains unsolved.

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