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Tracker: Is Justin Hartley Related To Mariette Hartley? Relationship And Family

The same surnames of Justin and Mariette have created confusion among their followers. Rumors are circulating that they may have a blood relationship but is Justin Hartley related to Mariette Hartley in real?

Justin Hartley is a renowned American actor best known for his roles on television. The prominent actor has remained active in this scene for quite a while now.

Hartley made his acting debut in 2002 by landing the role of Nicholas Foxworth ‘Fox’ Crane in a television series titled Passions.

Gradually, Hartley started to get more offers and appeared in other movies and television series such as Smallville, The Young and the Restless, and Revenge.

Besides that, the topic related to his relationship with Mariette Hartley has created a buzz on the web.

It’s been quite a while as people on the internet sources have asked many questions related to the relationship between Justin and Mariette.

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Is Justin Hartley Related To Mariette Hartley? Relationship

No, Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley are not related to each other despite sharing the same surnames.

As mentioned earlier, the rumors about their blood relationship have remained in the media for quite a long time.

Is Justin Hartley Related To Mariette Hartley
Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley are unrelated as they do not have any blood relationship. ( Source: IMDb )

Some people on social media speculated that Justin and Mariette are distant relatives or may also share a mother-and-son relationship.

However, there are no facts about this matter as they belong to different family backgrounds.

Not to mention, Mariette is a notable actress from the United States of America who began her acting work a long time ago.

Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley Family Tree Explored

As mentioned earlier, Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley have different family backgrounds. Meanwhile, they are from the United States of America.

For your information, Justin was born on January 29, 1977, to his parents Mark Hartley and Jackie Hartley in Galesburg, Illinois, U.S.

Justin Hartley Family
His beloved parents raised Justin Hartley with his three siblings in America. ( Source: NBC )

Furthermore, Hartley is not the only child of his parents; he was raised with his three siblings: Nathan, Megan, and Gabriela.

On the other hand, Mariette was born to her parents, Mary “Polly” Ickes and Paul Hembree Hartley, on June 21, 1940, in Weston, Connecticut, U.S.

Meanwhile, Mariette has been married thrice and is the mother of two children.

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Details On Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley

Justin Hartley and Mariette Hartley are well-known figures in Hollywood. Both of them have remained active in the film line for many years.

Celebrity Net Worth has claimed that Justin is estimated to have a net worth of around $8 million, thanks to his long-term acting career.

Mariette Hartley Net Worth
Mariette Hartley has preserved an impressive net worth whose earnings came from acting. ( Source: IMDb )

Justin has shared the screen with many renowned names in the industry and appeared in different films and television series.

Due to his acting works, Justin has taken home impressive cash. Hartley is still active in this field and his income will increase in the future.

Apart from that, Mariette has also earned a good amount of money and her net worth is around $6 million. She is a respected figure in the movie industry.

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