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James Somerton Anxiety And Disorder: What Illness Did The YouTuber Have?

Prominent Youtuber James Somerton shared an apparent suicide note on his private Twitter account recently. This has sparked immediate concern among the online community.

James Somerton is a former Canadian YouTuber, who was known for his insightful commentary on queer history and characters in films, books, and comics.

He started his YouTube journey in 2011 and gained popularity for his focus on LGBTQ+ themes in popular media.

His channel, which had over 330,000 subscribers, was a go-to place for video essays about queer literature.

However, his reputation took a hit in December 2023 when fellow YouTubers accused him of plagiarism and historical fabrication.

Following these allegations, James removed all content from his channel and his subscriber count dropped significantly.

He also deactivated his Patreon account, where he had been receiving monthly support from his fans.

Despite the controversy, his impact on the discussion of LGBTQ+ themes in media cannot be overlooked.

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James Somerton Anxiety And Disorder?

James Somerton has reportedly faced significant mental health challenges.

Known for his insightful commentary on queer history and characters in films, books, and comics, his career took a downturn after being accused of plagiarism.

jame Sumerton illness
There is limited information on James Somerton’s anxiety and mental health. (Image Source: Sportskeeda)

This accusation led him to remove all his content, resulting in a significant drop in subscribers.

This situation had a profound impact on his mental health, which he openly acknowledged in his apology videos.

In a reddit discussion, some fans have mentioned that he also mentioned his anxiety and disorder in a video.

One online user stated that they think James is very much in the wrong but they do believe the depression he mentioned in his apology video is legit.

Moreover, in a note posted to his channel after he removed the apology video, Somerton stated that he was “not in a healthy frame of mind to be posting anything online.”

They would “apologize properly and in detail” when he’s “mentally stable”.

This statement suggests that he was grappling with intense emotional turmoil during this period.

However, the specific details about any diagnosed anxiety disorder or other mental illnesses have not been publicly disclosed.

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What happened To Yoputuber James Somerton? Case Update

The current status of James Somerton, a former YouTuber, remains uncertain.

The online community has been deeply concerned about his wellbeing following the discovery of a suicide note on his private Twitter account.

jame Sumerton illness
James Sumerton shared a post on Twitter, which appeared like his suicide note. (Image source: NBC News)

This note has sparked a wave of worry among his followers and the broader online community.

Despite the widespread concern, there has been no official confirmation regarding his status.

His producer, Kat, has shared an update stating that they are attempting to arrange a wellness check on him.

This lack of clarity has only heightened the anxiety surrounding his situation.

Life can present us with overwhelming challenges, sometimes leading us to believe that ending life is the only option.

However, it’s crucial to remember that even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of hope.

There is always a different path to walk, one that leads to healing and recovery.

We all hope that James Somerton is alive, coping well with his situation, and will come forward with new content.

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