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Joe Dimeo Before And After Photos: How Does He Look Now?

Joe Dimeo before and after photos are trending online. The boy from America underwent surgery after he sustained disfiguring burns after a car accident in 2018.

Joe Dimeo is a man from the United States of America whose name has remained prominent in the media for many years.

It all started after Dimeo sustained disfiguring burns after a car accident in 2018. At that time, he was working as a product tester.

When he was returning from work, Dimeo fell asleep at the wheel. So, his car hit a curb and utility pole, flipped over, and burst into flames.

After that, Dimeo was inside the car, and he had third-degree burns on about 80% of his body.

Explore Joe Dimeo Before And After Photos

Joe Dimeo before and after photos have been shared by many sources on the web. Joe’s facial appearance changed after he sustained disfiguring burns in 2018.

Due to his own mistake, he was involved in a car accident that turned into fire in which he was burnt.

Joe Dimeo Before And After
Joe Dimeo before and after accident photos have been shared by many outlets on the internet. (Source: New York Post)

Dimeo had third-degree burns on about 80% of his body. It has been said that most people do not survive these kinds of injuries.

Following the injury, Dimeo had no lips or eyelids, and his fingertips were ineffective. Luckily, he survived, and in August 2020, he successfully underwent a double hand and face transplant.

After the surgery, the photos of Dimeo were shared. After that, many sources also compared before and after photos of Joe, which can still be explored.

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How Does Joe Dimeo Look Now?

Joe Dimeo had a horrific burn injury due to a car accident in 2018. Luckily, he survived the injury and also went to surgery.

After the surgery, multiple photos of Joe have been shared online. Apart from that, Dimeo also has social media accounts.

Joe Dimeo Look
Joe Dimeo underwent a double hand and face transplant, and he is doing quite well now. (Source: New York Post)

Dimeo can be followed on Instagram under the username @joeroydimeo, where he has been followed by more than 7k people.

From his Instagram handle, Joe shares updates related to his daily life and events. Meanwhile, he is currently living a happy life with his partner Jessica Perez.

More Details On Joe Dimeo Accident

In July 2018, Joe Dimeo was driving home after working the night shift when his car turned off the road and flipped over.

It happened as Joe reportedly fell asleep. The accident happened in New Jersey. So, he sustained third-degree burns to 80% of his body. Also, he had his fingertips amputated.

Later, Joe underwent 20 reconstructive plastic surgeries and skin grafts before doctors at New York University’s Langone Medical Center conducted the 23-hour simultaneous face and bilateral hand transplant in August 2020.

Joe Dimeo Accident
Joe Dimeo’s partner was impressed by his story, and they started to talk through Instagram. (Source: New York Post)

After that, his story captured the attention of Jessica Koby. So, she contacted Joe on Instagram after hearing about the surgery.

Gradually, they started to develop a good bond with each other. Jessica is originally from California but relocated to New Jersey to be near Joe.

Moreover, Joe and his partner have a strong bond and posted multiple snaps on their social media handles. Jessica is a nurse by profession.

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