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Big Brother Juliana Scaglione Wikipedia And Edad: Instagram And Family Details

Juliana appeared in Big Brother 2023, which put her in the limelight for quite a while now. But the viewers now have been asking questions about Juliana Scaglione Wikipedia. What does she do?

Juliana Scaglione is the founder of Fitness Freak Trainer. Besides, she is currently in the media limelight after appearing in the hit reality television series Big Brother.

Professionally, Scaglione is a weightlifting coach and stuntwoman, and she seems to be a huge fitness freak.

The multiple footage of Juliana from the American show Big Brother has been shared on her Instagram handle.

Apart from that, Scaglione’s tattoo has also grabbed the attention of many viewers, and her bold and strong personality might make her the show winner.

Many people are concerned about Juliana’s Wikipedia bio and are eager to explore more about her private matters.

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Big Brother Juliana Scaglione Wikipedia Explored

After fans noticed her, Juliana Scaglione, the Big Brother 2023 contestant, became a hot topic on the internet portals.

Further, Scaglione Wikipedia is also one of the most searched topics as people are captivated to explore every detail about her.

Juliana Scaglione Wikipedia
Juliana Scaglione is a weightlifting coach and stuntwoman famous for being a cast of Big Brother 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia bio of Juliana is currently missing; however, her bio can be explored from other online sources, including her Instagram handle.

Meanwhile, she is a Weightlifting coach and stuntwoman. Juliana also has a YouTube channel, and she shares videos about workouts from her channel.

According to her Instagram bio, she is an expert in Group fitness and Sound Frequency.

Juliana Scaglione Age And Family Details

Juliana Scaglione age is one of the most searched terms online. It all started after her appearance in the hit television series Big Brother.

Exploring various online portals, it can be speculated that Juliana is 33 years old as of 2024.

Juliana Scaglione Age
Juliana Scaglione is from Belgrano, BA, and she is in her 30s. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Scaglione was born and raised in Belgrano, BA. So, Juliana holds an Argentine nationality.

There is very little information about her early life and family background, as Scaglione kept the information confidential.

However, it is known that Juliana was an athletic person from a young age.

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Juliana Scaglione Journey On Big Brother

As said earlier, Juliana Scaglione shot to fame after appearing in Big Brother. In December 2023, the show started airing, and Juliana was also a part of it.

After she became a participant in the show, people went to her Instagram handle and posted many photos from the past that went viral.

While entering the show, her presentation shocked everyone as she said, “I come from such a family, and failure is not in my blood. If I explode, I explode.”

Her shaved eyebrows and unique tattoos, which covered her whole body, were what attracted viewers.

Big Brother Juliana Scaglione
Big Brother Juliana Scaglione appeared in the hit show 2023 following his air in December 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, her real name is Juliana, and she is also famous for her nickname, La Furia. Apart from that, Scaglione is bisexual and is single at the moment.

However, Juliana once admitted she had affairs with two men in the past. Moreover, she is active on Instagram under the username @furiascaglione.

More than 446k people have followed her on Instagram, and Juliana shares updates about her life from her handle.

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