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Levittown PA Justin Mohn Health Issue 2024: Is He In Depression?

Recently, a man came with a shocking YouTube video where he was seen carrying his father’s head inside a plastic. With this, people are wondering if Justin Mohn health is not in a good state and questioning if he has some kind of mental disorder.

Justin Mohn is an American author and musician. As per his Facebook bio, he has published some books, and from his account, he used to promote them.

For the past few days, Mohn has remained in the media prominence, and it all started after he committed a horrific crime.

He beheaded his own father and also uploaded a video on YouTube showing his father’s head. The video’s title was Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots.

Furthermore, the clip has already been deleted. Mohn claimed to lead a militia and accused his father, a federal employee for two decades, of betraying the country.

Due to his chilling crime, rumors about his personal life are trending on various platforms as people are making speculations related to Justin’s mental health.

Levittown PA Justin Mohn Health Issue Explored

Justin Mohn is a Levittown, PA, man whose health news has created a buzz online. As said earlier, he killed his father and uploaded a video on YouTube.

After the video of him showing his father’s head went viral, online users began making various assumptions about Mohn’s health issue.

Justin Mohn Health
Justin Mohn health news became a hot topic after he killed his dad and showed his head on a YouTube video. ( Source: Heavy )

Currently, there is no fact news about Mohn having any health issues. However, people are noting that Mohn is dealing with his mental health.

Reddit users have also created threads on the platform to discuss the topic related to Mohn’s mental health.

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Is Justin Mohn In Depression?

As of now, it can’t be confirmed whether Justin Mohn is in depression or not. However, rumors are circulating on social media saying that Mohn has mental health issues.

A person on Reddit wrote, “Triple threat: Narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy, paranoia schizophrenia. He might just be the most insane person I’ve ever seen.”

Justin Mohn Depression
Justin Mohn reportedly has mental problems as people are making various assumptions about social media. ( Source: Newsweek )

Another commented, “Very sad, but yeah, mental health isn’t taken seriously in this country. This is just one case; so many more messed up things happen, and we never find out about it.”

All these opinions came into the limelight after Mohn beheaded his father, Michael Mohn, and showed his head in a YouTube video.

Justin Mohn Video Update

Justin Mohn shared a video on YouTube titled Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots.

In the video, he was allegedly seen railing against the federal government and calling for brutality to fight its treason.

In the shocking footage, Mohn reportedly held up his dad’s head in a plastic bag as he condemned his 20 years working as a federal official.

Justin Mohn Video
Justin Mohn has already been arrested and is in police custody as he faces multiple charges. ( Source: The Independent )

Later, the video was taken down, but it had already circulated on various platforms, including Twitter.

Some sources have posted the clip, which can be found online. Furthermore, Mohn is now facing charges of first-degree murder.

Also, he is charged with abuse of a corpse and possessing an instrument of crime with intent. It has been reported that he was taken into custody on January 30, 2024.

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