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Who Is Kristen Gaffney Husband Tyler Gaffney? Kids Conway Bo, Jaxon And Nala Belle Giovanna

Kristen Gaffney husband Tyler Gaffney is a former football and baseball player. The Gaffney couple is the proud parents of three loving children, two sons and a daughter.

Kristen Gaffney is a Sports Illustrated model who also has a strong presence on various social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram.

According to her Instagram bio, Kristen is also a Barely Filtered Podcast. Besides that, she is also an entrepreneur.

Her LinkedIn profile suggests that she is the Founder of Super True. In addition to that, she is also an investor at DEUX and BUBS Naturals.

In the past, Gaffney worked in many companies and gained broad experience. Apart from her works, Kristen is also famous for being the wife of Tyler Gaffney.

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Who Is Kristen Gaffney Husband Tyler Gaffney?

Kristen Gaffney is married to her husband Tyler Gaffney. The Gaffney couple have remained married for quite a while now.

Tyler is a former American football and baseball player. During his professional football playing career, he mainly played as a running back.

Kristen Gaffney Husband
Kristen Gaffney is married to her husband Tyler Gaffney and the duo was photographed together. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Tyler’s professional NFL career kicked off after being drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 NFL Draft with the 204th pick.

Later, he also represented other teams like the New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, and San Francisco 49ers.

Apart from his NFL career, he also had a decent baseball career. As a baseball player, Tyler played as an outfielder. He mainly played for Bradenton Marauders.

Kristen Gaffney And Tyler Gaffney Married Life Explored

As said earlier, Kristen Gaffney and Tyler Gaffney have remained married for many years. Like many figures, the Gaffney pair also prefers to keep themselves away from the media.

Due to their lowkey nature, it becomes quite challenging to give details regarding their marriage or relationship timeline.

Kristen Gaffney And Tyler Gaffney
Kristen Gaffney and Tyler Gaffney are a married couple and they tied the knot a long time ago. (Source: Instagram)

However, their photos on Instagram suggest that Kirsten and Tyler have supported each other for a long time.

Furthermore, Tyler and his wife do not hesitate to showcase their lovely moments on their respective Instagram handles.

Kristen can be followed on Instagram under the username @kristenlouelle where she has been followed by more than 135k people.

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Kristen Gaffney Kids Conway Bo, Jaxon And Nala Belle Giovanna

Kristen Gaffney and her husband Tyler Gaffney have already started a family of their own. The duo is the proud parents of three kids: Conway Bo, Jaxon, and Nala Belle Giovanna.

There is very little information about the birth details of Gaffney’s two sons as she has kept the facts far from the public domain.

However, it is known that Nala Belle Giovanna is the youngest of three kids. Kristen featured the journey of her pregnancy and birth details of her daughter on Instagram.

Kristen Gaffney Kids
Kristen Gaffney and her husband have three kids including two sons. (Source: Instagram)

Nala was born on April 27, 2023, weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces. While sharing the news of her baby’s arrival, she posted a video with a caption,

“Welcome to the world Nala Belle Giovanna Gaffney. Born April 27 at 8 pounds 8 ounces, you are everything we prayed for & more.

She continued, “You are so beyond loved my little fierce lioness. Thank you for choosing us.”

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