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Renowned voice actor Mark Dodson, who passed away on 2 March, was once married to his wife, Rita. The married duo had a daughter, Ciara.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Dodson was a versatile talent in the world of voice acting.

He lent his voice to iconic characters in movies like “Star Wars” and “Gremlins”. In the Star Wars franchise, he voiced characters like Salacious Crumb and the Ewoks.

The late actor also voiced the Mogwai in the “Gremlins” series. Beyond films, Dodson’s voice was heard in commercials and video games, showcasing his wide-ranging talent.

His sudden departure has left a void in the industry, but his contributions will continue to be cherished.

Following this, Mr. Dodson’s personal life, particularly, his marital life and children, has become the subject of public interest.

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Who Is Mark Dodson Wife Rita?

The name of the distinguished voice actor Mark Dodson is Rita Dodson. The married couple moved to Los Angeles in 1978.

Also, the late actor had mentioned his wife in several interviews and according to his words, his wife is/was a loving and supportive spouse.

Mark Dodson Wife
The name of Mark Dodson wife is Rita Dodson. The late actor often mentioned his wife in interviews. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Mr. Dodson worked as a production assistant and a carpenter during that time, which he revealed in an interview in 2010.

While he was employed as a laborer during the building of a sound studio for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic, a sound designer was in search of a raccoon.

Coincidentally, Mr. Dodson and his wife, Rita, had a pet raccoon at home.

Moreover, the artist’s wife seems to have played a significant role in his life and career.

However, the details about his wife and their relationship timeline, unfortunately, remain largely undisclosed, leading to many unanswered questions.

It is unclear how long were they married. Not only that, but it is also unclear whether or not Mark Dodson’s wife is alive.

Despite these uncertainties surrounding his marital life, one aspect of Dodson’s life is crystal clear: he was a devoted family man.

He is survived by his children and grandchildren.

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Meet Mark Dodson Children, Ciara Dodson

Mark Dodson, a distinguished voice actor, was a loving father to his only child, Ciara Dodson, who likely shared with his wife, Rita.

It was his daughter, Ciara, who broke the tragic news of his passing. She shared with TMZ that her father passed away while attending Horror Con.

Mark Dodson Wife
Late voice actor Mark Dodson is survived by his daugther, Ciara, and several grandchildren. (Image source: Marca)

He had checked into a hotel and tragically suffered a “massive heart attack” in his sleep.

Additionally, Ciara expressed her enduring pride in her father’s accomplishments, stating that he “never ceased making me proud.”

This sentiment showcases the deep admiration Mark Dodson’s family held for his achievements.

Mark’s daughter, Ciara, has grown up to be an impressive adult. In addition, she is married and has a family of her own.

As for her professional life, there is limited information. However, it is reasonable to assume that Ciara is an accomplished person in her own right.

The sudden passing of Mark Dodson must have led to shock and deep sorrow. Let’s hope, the Dodson family will find the strength and courage to deal with this difficult time.

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