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Sephora Blackface Boston Identified: Who Is Margarita Botto? Wikipedia And Age

At a Boston Sephora, a group of white teenage girls were discovered wearing dark makeup, resembling blackface. After the video went viral, people started searching for Sephora Blackface Boston identified news.

Margarita Botto is a Guatemala City resident whose name has been making rounds on internet sources for the past few days.

It began with a viral TikTok video where three girls at Sephora tried makeup testers. Two of them used cosmetics meant for darker skin tones, covering their faces.

A University of Southern California track and field athlete, who witnessed the girls in the video, described the scene as ‘truly disgusting and disturbing.

A group of teenage girls and their mothers entered, heading straight to the makeup section. They used samples for blackface, giggling, and making animal sounds.

Rumors are circulating online saying that Margarita is said to be the mother of one of the teenagers.

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Sephora Blackface Boston Identified: Who Is Margarita Botto?

Margarita Botto has reportedly been identified as the mother of one of the teenagers. A TikTok user registered as @thatdaneshguy made the respective claim.

The three girls appeared in a viral TikTok video at the Sephora store in the Prudential Center.

Sephora Blackface Boston Identified
Sephora Blackface video has gone viral on TiKTok and other social media platforms. ( Source: Twitter )

Two of them covered their faces with makeup meant for darker skin tones while trying testers. Their video has gone viral on various social media platforms.

A person named Kiara Janae Kudlo also appeared in the video and she talked about the incident with the New York Times.

Kudlo saw several girls applying dark foundation to their faces, which she believed was blackface.

Margarita Botto Wikipedia And Biography

As mentioned earlier, Margarita Botto is said to be the mother of one of the teenage girls whose name has created a buzz on the internet sources.

A TikTok user has claimed that Botto works as a molecular biologist. Multiple personal photos of Botto have been shared on Twitter.

Margarita Botto Wikipedia
Margarita Botto name is trending on the internet sources following an incident that happened in the Sephora store in Bosont. ( Source: New York Post )

A person on Twitter attached a screenshot of what seems to be Margarita’s Facebook account.

At the time of this post, it can’t be confirmed whether she serves as a molecular biologist. None of the media outlets has given the facts regarding this matter.

As online users have asked many questions about Botto, more updates about her will be provided later.

Margarita Botto Age: How Old Is She?

Margarita Botto age is one of the most searched terms online. However, the media sources have not given anything related to Botto’s age.

In the same way, Botto hasn’t come forward to talk about her personal life in the public domain.

In addition to that, the details related to Botto are not accessible on the web as she just made headlines after a video of her went viral on social media.

Margarita Botto Age
Margarita Botto is reported to be a mother of one of the teenagers. ( Source: New York Post )

She came into the spotlight after accompanying the teenage girls who did a blackface inside a Boston Sephora store.

According to the post, Temi Ojora, a student at the University of South California, shared a video on her now-private TikTok account, showing the young girls wearing blackface.

In the video, one can also spot one of the girls’ chaperones, who walks away from the camera at one point.

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