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Steve Wright Heart Attack And Cancer News: Illness And Health Issue

English DJ for BBC Radio passed away at the age of 69, but his death cause has not been revealed. Due to that, the news of Steve Wright heart attack has gone viral online.

Steve Wright was a famous English disc jockey and radio personality who mainly got into the limelight for his work at BBC.

On BBC Radio 1, Wright presented Steve Wright in the Afternoon for 12 years. Not to mention, he joined the team of BBC Radio 1 in 1980.

Moreover, Steve moved to daytime radio with Steve Wright in the Afternoon in 1981. Meanwhile, he also served at BBC Radio 2, which he joined in March 1996.

Between 1994 and 1995, he presented a BBC TV series, The Steve Wright People Show. Furthermore, Steve also earned TRIC Personality of the Year in 1998.

Steve Wright Heart Attack And Cancer News Gone Viral

Steve Wright passed away on February 12, 2024, at the age of 69. As of now, the family has not provided any details related to Wright’s death cause.

Due to the lack of facts, it becomes quite challenging to give info about his death manner. So, various rumors about this topic have gone viral on the web.

Steve Wright Heart Attack
Steve Wright died at the age of 69, and the news related to him having a heart attack has gone viral. (Source: The Guardian)

People on various platforms have created threads to discuss Steve’s health. Many people believe that Wright had a heart attack.

A person said, “RIP Steve. No poor guy probably had a heart attack or something. This is the worst news.”

Apart from that, another rumor has also grabbed everyone’s attention, noting that Wright may have dealt with cancer before his death. However, nothing can be confirmed.

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Steve Wright Illness And Health Issue

The news of Steve Wright’s illness has created a buzz online, and it all started after his demise was confirmed by his family members.

At the time of his death, there were no facts about the DJ dealing with any health issues. However, it was reported that Wright was rumored to have been allergic to feathers and penicillin.

Steve Wright Illness
Steve Wright didn’t have any health issues, but he was reportedly allergic to feathers and penicillin. (Source: Yahoo News UK)

Besides that, Wright also lost weight in the past, and once he candidly opened up about his impressive weight loss.

While talking about this matter, Wright revealed how he worked tirelessly to lose several stones after witnessing an unflattering picture of himself.

During an episode of BBC Breakfast in 2009, he said, “I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last 10 years.”

Facts On Steve Wright Death Cause

As mentioned earlier, Steve Wright death cause has not been confirmed. When the family of Steve shared the news, everyone was shocked.

On February 13, 2024, Steve’s family released a statement noting that he had passed away the day before. However, they didn’t give much facts about his sudden demise.

Steve Wright Death Cause
Steve Wright death cause was not provided, it appears the family seeks privacy to mourn the loss. (Source: Sky News)

The sudden death news of Steve came as a shock to everyone near to him. So, tributes and condolence messages for the Wright family are pouring on social media.

At the time of his sudden death, Steve was 69 years old. Reportedly, Steve is survived by his two kids, Tom and Lucy, whom he shares with his ex-wife.

Furthermore, Wright also leaves behind his brother, Laurence, and his dad, Richard.

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