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Is Sydney Sweeney Pregnant With Her Fiance? Weight Gain And Baby Bump Rumors

Sydney Sweeney pregnant speculations emerged when she unveiled some exclusive memories while filming her upcoming movie while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Sydney Sweeney, an American actress and producer, rose to prominence for her performances in various television series and movies.

One of Sydney Sweeney’s notable early roles was in the HBO series Sharp Objects, where she played Alice.

Likewise, she has worked in many hit movies that have helped her gain name and fame.

She has appeared in movies such as Under the Silver Lake and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Additionally, she has been part of TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and The White Lotus.

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Is Sydney Sweeney Pregnant With Her Fiance?

As of 2024, Sydney Sweeney is not pregnant, but the rumors of her pregnancy came into the media prominence without any truth.

The rumors surfaced after she talked about her pregnant character in her upcoming movie “Immaculate” while she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the show, the actress talks about an unseen zombie movie clip from her forthcoming movie, which will soon be released.

Sweeney stated that it was a fun experience to wear a fake baby bump cast when Jimmy asked if it was difficult for her.

In fact, the actress unfolded the exclusive memories that she hid snacks like Sour Patch Kids under her fake belly.

People have raised concerns about her pregnancy after the episode aired on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney’s pregnancy rumors have garnered attention from netizens. (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, in January 2022, Sydney took to her Instagram story to share a baby bump photo.

This created a buzz on the web, and many people thought the actress was pregnant.

However, there were no facts about the actress expecting a child, as the photo was just for a movie shoot.

On Instagram Stories, Sweeney shared how she got a custom full-body cast to ensure a perfect fit for her pregnant prosthetic.

Sweeney is engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiance Jonathan Davino who is a businessman. The lovebirds got engaged in February 2022.

The news of their relationship came into the media in 2018. Sweeney keeps her love life private and doesn’t share many details about her relationship.

Recently, Sweeney also addressed the baseless rumors regarding her breakup with her fiance Jonathan, stating their relationship is sound currently.

Sydney Sweeney Weight Gain And Baby Bump Rumors

Sydney Sweeney weight gain rumors has escalated all over the web, ignited by her pregnancy specualtions.

Exploring her images on social media and other sources, it can be said that the actress has gained or lost weight as per the demand of her character.

In early 2023, Sweeney also opened up about her weight gain with the media, as people asked many questions regarding this topic.

Sydney Sweeney weight gain
Sydney Sweeney is under media scrutiny regarding her weight gain. (Source: Instagram)

To deliver a role in a movie named Reality, she gave her best and talked about her weight gain.

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney said she tried to gain as much weight as possible. She worked out with a trainer and also lifted weights.

Furthermore, the actress also shared the moments via her Instagram handle. So, this may be the reason why Sydney gained weight.

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