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Taib Mahmud Family: First Wife Laila Taib And Second Wife Raghad Kurdi

The Taib Mahmud family confronts legal disputes and controversies over inheritance after the demise of the former Sarawak governor on February 21, 2024. These challenges highlight tensions within the family over wealth distribution and legacy.

Abdul Taib Mahmud, commonly known as Taib Mahmud, was a prominent Malaysian politician who served as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Malaysia, from 1981 to 2014.

This made him one of the longest-serving chief ministers in the country’s history.

Taib Mahmud was a United Malays National Organization (UMNO) member and played a significant role in Malaysian politics.

During his tenure, Sarawak experienced significant economic growth but also faced criticism for environmental degradation and allegations of corruption.

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Taib Mahmud Family

The Taib Mahmud family is currently mourning the loss of their patriarch, Abdul Taib Mahmud, the former Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia, who passed away at the age of 87.

This marks the end of an era for one of Malaysia’s most influential political families, as Abdul Taib Mahmud was not only the longest-serving Chief Minister of Sarawak but also held significant political power at the federal level.

Mahmud’s passing has left a profound void in the hearts of his family members, who are grieving the loss of a beloved father, husband, and grandfather.

Taib Mahmud Family
Abdul Taib Mahmud’s family mourns the influential patriarch’s passing with unity. (Image Source: Bloomberg)

Despite the controversies and legal battles surrounding his legacy, the family is united in their sorrow as they bid farewell to a man who played a central role in shaping the political landscape of Sarawak for decades.

His legacy includes significant infrastructural projects, economic policies, and efforts to improve the standard of living for the people of Sarawak.

Taib Mahmud First Wife Laila Taib

Laila Taib was the first wife of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the former Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia. Their marriage was significant in Mahmud’s personal life and political career.

Laila was known for her role as a supportive partner to Taib Mahmud, standing by him during his years of service as a politician.

While not much information is available about Laila in the public domain, it’s understood that she played a pivotal role in their family life and the upbringing of their children.

Her passing in 2009 due to cancer deeply affected Taib Mahmud and their family.

Taib Mahmud Family
Laila Taib, Abdul Taib Mahmud’s supportive first wife, left an enduring legacy. (Image Source: Borneo Post Online)

Laila Taib’s influence extended beyond her role as a wife and mother; she was also part of the wider social fabric of Sarawak, engaging in charitable and community activities.

Her legacy is remembered fondly by those who knew her, and her contributions to her family and society are cherished.

Taib Mahmud Second Wife Raghad Kurdi

Raghad Kurdi Taib is the second wife of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the former Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia. Raghad’s marriage to Taib Mahmud in 2010 followed the passing of his first wife, Laila, due to cancer in 2009.

Their union was arranged by Raghad’s uncle, Robert Geneid, who is married to Taib’s sister, Raziah.

Raghad’s entry into the Mahmud family brought attention due to her rapid acquisition of Malaysian citizenship, native-title lands, and voting rights.

Taib Mahmud Family
Raghad Kurdi Taib is the second wife of Taib Mahmud, the former Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia. (Image Source: South China Morning Post)

Her marriage to Mahmud and subsequent citizenship have sparked controversy and legal scrutiny, particularly regarding the expedited process of her citizenship acquisition compared to other Sarawakian natives.

Her marriage to Taib Mahmud has also brought attention to broader issues of citizenship and wealth distribution in Malaysia.

While Raghad’s exact role and influence within the family and Malaysian politics are not widely documented.

Her presence and the controversies surrounding her citizenship status have underscored the complexities of power dynamics and familial relationships in Malaysian society.

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