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What Happened To Paul Pelosi And Where Is He Now? Case Update

American businessman Paul was attacked on October 28, 2022, by David DePape with a hammer during a home invasion. The attacker has already been found guilty, but what happened to Paul Pelosi?

Paul Pelosi is an American businessman and investor who owns and runs Financial Leasing Services, Inc.

Likewise, Pelosi was the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

Apart from his professional work, Pelosi is also famous for being the husband of Nancy Pelosi, an American politician who served as the 52nd United States House of Representatives speaker.

The Pelosi couple have gone through many challenges throughout their life and are still together.

In October 2022, Pelosi was badly hurt when a man broke into his home in San Francisco with a hammer. He survived but suffered a skull fracture.

The attacker, David DePape, originally aimed to harm Pelosi’s wife. In 2023, DePape was found guilty of federal crimes.

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What Happened To Paul Pelosi?

As mentioned above, Paul Pelosi was attacked on October 28, 2022. David DePape attacked Paul with a hammer during a home invasion in his Pacific Heights, San Francisco residence.

Due to the horrific attack, Paul needed surgery to repair a skull fracture and injuries to his hand and arm.

What Happened To Paul Pelosi
Paul Pelosi was attacked on October 28, 2022, by David DePape and was left seriously injured. ( Source: The New York Times )

San Francisco police entered the home around 2:27 a.m. local time Friday to find Pelosi in a struggle over a hammer with a man.

Officers witnessed DePape violently assaulting Pelosi with the hammer before they tackled him to the ground and arrested him.

Following the attack, Paul was rushed to the hospital as he was seriously injured and required surgery for his injuries.

Where Is Paul Pelosi Now?

Paul Pelosi was injured badly due to an attack, and after getting treated, he was released from a San Francisco hospital. It was reported that he was resting at his home.

His wife, Nancy Pelosi, released a statement saying, “Paul remains under doctors’ care as he continues to progress on a long recovery process and convalescence.”

Paul Pelosi Now
Paul Pelosi was treated at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital as he needed surgery for his injuries. ( Source: PBS )

Reportedly, Paul was treated at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Despite being injured seriously, Pelosi now appears to have recovered fully.

Currently, Pelosi has kept himself far from the public eye, and there is no more info about his ongoing lifestyle.

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Paul Pelosi Case Update In 2024

Paul Pelosi attack case has garnered a huge public attention. The attacker, DePape, was convicted of the federal charges on November 16, 2023.

Likewise, he pleaded not guilty to both the federal and state charges. DePape is scheduled for trial on January 12, 2024, facing state charges related to the attack on Pelosi.

These charges include attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and false imprisonment.

Paul Pelosi Case
Paul Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, was convicted of the federal charges on November 16, 2023. ( Source: CNN )

If found guilty of the charges, he faces a maximum of 30 years and 20 years, respectively.

The trial is nearing its end, with testimony from San Francisco Police officers, FBI agents, and Capitol Police already heard by the jury.

The case update of the attack on Pelosi has dragged everyone’s eyes. So, more updates will be given later as the trial is going on.

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