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Wolf Blitzer Ex-Wife: Was He Married To Someone Before Lynn Greenfield? Divorce News

Who is Wolf Blitzer ex-wife? The long-time CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer has been married to his wife, Lynn Greenfield, for over five decades. But was he married and divorced before that?

Wolf Blitzer is a renowned journalist, television news anchor, and author of American nationality.

Born in Germany in 1948 to Polish Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust, he immigrated to the United States and was raised in Buffalo, New York.

Blitzer began his journalism career in the early 1970s with Reuters in Tel Aviv, later becoming a Washington correspondent for The Jerusalem Post.

Since 1990, the German native has been a key figure at CNN, where he hosts ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.’

The prominent television personality’s insightful reporting, particularly during the Persian Gulf War, has earned him significant recognition in the field of journalism.

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Who Is Wolf Blitzer Ex-Wife? Was He Married Before?

The esteemed CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer has been married only once, to his wife, Lynn Greenfield.

Wolf Blitzer Ex-Wife
The esteemed CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer has been married only once, to his wife, Lynn Greenfield. So, he doesn’t have an ex-wife. (Image Source: The US Sun)

The Blitzer-Greenfield pair’s marriage, which began in 1973, has stood the test of time, spanning over five decades.

This enduring union is a testament to the adorable couple’s mutual love and support.

Moreover, the smitten pair often travels together, especially when Blitzer’s work takes him to different countries. Their shared experiences and adventures further strengthen their bond.

Contrary to circulating rumors, Blitzer has not been married to anyone other than Lynn Greenfield.

However, it’s worth noting that Lynn was previously married to Joseph Gandelman, who served as the president of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services.

The details surrounding the former couple’s divorce are unclear, but it is known that they cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation.

Regardless of the past relationships, Wolf and Lynn’s commitment to each other remains unwavering, painting a picture of a strong and supportive partnership.

Who Is Lynn Greenfield?

Professionally, Wolf Blitzer’s wife is known to work as a personal shopper at the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue store, located in the Chevy Chase area of Maryland.

Lynn Greenfield, wife of the renowned CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer, leads a life that is largely private, despite her husband’s high-profile career.

This role involves assisting customers in making purchases that suit their needs and tastes.

Despite the public nature of her husband’s work, Greenfield has managed to maintain a low profile.

Lynn’s choice to stay out of the limelight speaks volumes about her preference for a quieter, more personal existence.

Furthermore, Lynn and Wolf have made their home in Bethesda, Maryland, a vibrant and diverse city known for its community feel and high quality of life.

Here, away from the hustle and bustle of the network, they enjoy their life together, cherishing the privacy that their home provides.

Wolf Blitzer Children With Lynn Greenfield

Wolf Blitzer and his wife, Lynn Greenfield, are proud parents of a daughter, Ilana Blitzer Gendelman.

Wolf Blitzer Ex-Wife
Wolf Blitzer and his wife of five decades, Lynn Greenfield, have one child together. (Image Source: CNN)

Born in 1981, Ilana has carved out her own path in the field of journalism, much like her father.

Wolf Blitzer daughter currently holds the position of beauty editor at Health magazine, showcasing her expertise and passion for the subject.

In addition to her work with Health magazine, Ilana’s contributions can also be seen in other publications such as All You and Parents magazines.

Her diverse portfolio reflects her commitment to her profession and her ability to engage with a wide range of topics.

On the personal front, Ilana is reportedly married to Joseph Gendelman, who is the president of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services.

Their union brings together two individuals who are not only successful in their respective fields but also share a deep commitment to their personal lives.

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