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Yazan Al kafarna Wikipedia And Age: Who Was He?

Search for Yazan Al Kafarna Wikipedia soared following his demise. The emaciated shocking pictures of the child before breathing his last are prevailing over the web.

Yazan Al Kafarna is one of 16 children from Gaza who succumbed to several health complications, including hunger and malnutrition.

Since the war broke out in October, the vulnerable population has been impacted in every aspect.

Yazan’s loss serves as the need to diminish the chaos, particularly for those with heightened vulnerability in such times of crisis.

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Yazan Al Kafarna Wikipedia And Age

Yazan Al Kafarna was a 10-year-old child in Gaza who breathed his last at al-Najjar Hospital, succumbing to various malnutrition complications.

The emaciated child Yazan is one of the latest to lose his life due to hunger and malnutrition amidst the war, which started on October 7.

He tragically left the world, reportedly battling cerebral palsy. The tragic loss ignited people to know more about the child.

Yazan’s emaciated photos and videos are making grand waves, constantly reminding us about the dire situation in Gaza.

The image shows him in a yellow cardigan with sunken eyes and bony legs on a hospital bed, shedding light on children’s reality amidst the chaos.

In one viral video, Yazan’s father shows his photo just a week before the war, where he looks healthy and fit like a normal child.

Yazan Al-Kafarna
Yazan Al-Kafarna “before and after photo” clicked just a week before the war broke out. (Image Source: Facebook)

The 10-year-old in a red t-shirt and bald head smiling at the camera looks healthy.

The heartfelt image resonated with people around the world, creating a wave of support for the vulnerable populations of Gaza.

He goes on to state that, Yazan was healthy and had access to all the basic needs including food and medical care.

However, things turned upside down when the war hit Gaza. He had to face untimely death because of a lack of nutrition and food.

Yazan’s untimely demise at such a young age serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of war on the most vulnerable populations.

The loss of the child highlights the urgent need to diminish sufferings of people in Gaza.

He passed away surrounded by his mother, Um Yazan Al-Kafarna, father, and other loved ones. Words can’t suffice what they are going at the moment.

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Who Was Yazan Al-Kafarna?

Yazan Al-Kafarna is the latest child from Gaza to tragically passed away on Sunday due to health complications.

According to various reports, he isn’t the only child to succumb to malnutrition, but he is one of the 16 children to lose life to various complications rising from malnutrition.

His father emphasized how drastically Yazan’s health deteriorated, vividly evident in his contrast before and after photo trending on the web.

Yazan Al Kafarna just a week before the war broke out
Yazan Al Kafarna just a week before the war broke out. (Source: Facebook)

Yazan suffered a lot before breathing his last to the stage where he was reportedly surviving on just a few pieces of bread.

The few morsels of bread were also brought with great difficulty and at high price, amidst the scarcity, his father unfolded to Al Jazeera Arabic.

His family would provide him with sugar just to keep him breathing. The prime reason for his emaciation was lack of nutrition.

Regardless of every possible effort, the child’s health deteriorated to the state he gave up his battle with several health issues.

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