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Ada Nicodemou Miscarriage And Pregnancy News: Is She Pregnant Again In 2024?

Actress who has been in a relationship with Adam Rigby since 2016 is in the limelight as people are searching for Ada Nicodemou miscarriage news. Here’s everything you need to know more about her pregnancy news.

Ada Nicodemou is an Australian actress best known for her role as Leah Patterson-Baker on the long-running television soap opera Home and Away.

Nicodemou began her acting career in the 1990s and has remained active in the showbiz industry since then.

Over the years, Nicodemou has received acclaim for her portrayal of Leah and has become one of the show’s iconic characters.

Other acting credits of Ada include Police Rescue, Heartbreak High, Please Marry My Boy, and Drop Dead Weird.

Besides her professional career, people want to know more about Nicodemou’s personal life, and everything about her miscarriage has been shared below.

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All About Ada Nicodemou Miscarriage

As said earlier, Ada Nicodemou’s miscarriage news is trending online, and her followers want to know more about this matter.

She once opened up about an extremely difficult time in 2014. Ada openly shared her experience of delivering her stillborn son Harrison at eight months pregnant.

Ada Nicodemou Miscarriage
Ada Nicodemou had a miscarriage in the past, and the actress has also shared some details with the media. (Source: Instagram)

While talking with Stellar, Nicodemou opened up about just how challenging the last few years have been for her since.

She suffered a miscarriage. Nicodemou found comfort in her mother and brother’s support as she coped with the loss of her child.

Ada said, “A lot of people come up and say sorry about Harrison, but I found that really difficult because I don’t want to break down in front of them.”

Ada Nicodemou Pregnancy News: Is She Pregnant Again In 2024?

Ada Nicodemou’s pregnancy news has gone viral, and everyone has asked questions about this matter. As of now, there is no fact about her expecting a child.

It appears to be a rumor that came into the limelight after online users made unwanted speculations about the actress’ life.

Ada Nicodemou Pregnancy
Ada Nicodemou is not pregnant, but the rumors about her pregnancy have confused her followers. (Source: Instagram)

None of her recent social media posts show at Ada having a baby bump. Some of her photos may have left people thinking that the actress was spotted with a baby bump.

Meanwhile, there is no truth about it, and Nicodemou has not said a single word regarding this matter.

This makes it clear that all of these are rumors, and they circulated on various social media platforms like Wildfire.

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Ada Nicodemou Is The Mother Of A Son

Ada Nicodemou is the mother of a child, a son named Johnas. Ada was married to Chrys Xipolitas in the past.

Ada and Chrys went through many hard times. Furthermore, Ada and her then-husband became parents for the first time after welcoming a son on August 22, 2012.

Ada Nicodemou Son
Ada Nicodemou is the mother of a son whom she shares with her ex-husband, Chrys Xipolitas. (Source: Instagram)

The former pair later named their son Johnas. Furthermore, Nicodemou is active on Instagram as @adanicodemou.

From her IG account, Ada showcases her daily life and events with her followers, where she has been followed by over 379k followers.

Likewise, Nicodemou has posted many snaps with her only son, Johnas. After their first child was born, she separated from Xipolitas and divorced him in 2016.

Ada and Chrys were married for nine years. Now, the actress is in a relationship with a businessman, Adam Rigby.

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