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American Idol Kimi Parents: Mother Father And Family Ethnicity

American Idol participant Kimi came all the way from Kosovo to Brooklyn. He has received great support from his parents and also talked about his mother in the singing reality show.

Kimi is a talented singer from Kosovo but he is now based in the United States of America. He shot to fame after appearing in the hit singing reality show American Idol.

Kimi participated in the season 22 of the show. Before coming into the dining show, Kimi served as a restaurant server.

In the show, he sang Heal by Tom Odell. Furthermore, he has been singing for a long time and music has helped him a lot.

Due to his amazing performance, all the judges were impressed and Kimi is now moving to Hollywood.

Apart from that, people are also eager to know more about Kimi’s parents and family background.

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American Idol Kimi Parents: Mother And Father

American Idol participant Kimi was born in Kosovo to his parents. As of now, there are very less facts about his father and mother.

In the singing reality show, Kimi talked about his mother whose name is reported to be Leela.

American Idol Kimi Parents
American Idol Kimi is originally from Kosovo but he is now based in the United States of America. ( Source: Instagram )

Two years after Leela gave birth to her son, she was diagnosed with PTSD and Multiple Sclerosis. She requires a lot of care now.

So, to make her happy, Kimi came to the show and sang for his mom. Also, he talked about his mother with the judges.

Leela was also called from the American Idol set and she talked with her son. Apart from that, Kimi didn’t give many facts about his father.

Take A Look At Kimi Family Background

Kimi was born into a sound family in Kosovo. Reportedly, Kimi is alone in America as all of his family members are based in their native land Kosovo.

While appearing on American Idol, Kimi said he hasn’t seen his family members for six years as they are in Kosovo.

Kimi Family
Kimi lives far from his parents and other family members. ( Source: Instagram )

It has been reported that Kimi was raised with his siblings. The names of his siblings are not accessible on the internet sources.

As of now, no more details related to Kimi’s other family members are accessible on the web.

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Kimi Ethnicity And Nationality Revealed

Kimi is originally from Kosovo and he later moved to the United States of America. Currently, he is based in Brooklyn.

Kimi has talked about his mother in the show. His mom has supported him for a long time. Since he was born, his mother used to say her son would be an artist.

Kimi and his mother used to watch American Idol every day a long time ago. It has been said that his mom also had a good voice.

Kimi Ethnicity
Kimi is originally from Kosovo but later he moved to the United States of America for better opportunities. ( Source: Instagram )

However, Kimi was not able to hear his mother sing as their nation was going through a war. Later, he moved to America.

Furthermore, Kimi is a friendly person, and on his Instagram handle, he has posted various snaps with his close ones. Kimi can be followed under the username @urboykimi.

As of now, he has already garnered over 17k followers.

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