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Who Is Kerstin Lindquist Husband Dan Lindquist? Kids And Family

Kerstin Lindquist husband Dan Lindquist has kept a low profile. Hence, the details of his professional career have also remained mysterious at the moment. 

Kerstin Lindquist is notably famous as the author of 5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace.

Kerstin has served in multiple fields before she started her career as an author and Journalist.

Moreover, Lindquist has also worked as a lifeguard and roller-skating snowflake at Disneyland at 14.

Additionally, Kerstin later got involved in television shows including The West Wing, and also Real Housewives in Beverly Hills.

Recently questions about her married life and family details have been widely asked on social media platforms.

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Who Is Kerstin Lindquist Husband Dan Lindquist?

Kerstin Lindquist is happily married to Dan Lindquist. Apart from her professional career, questions about her married life have also become the most searched topic on the internet.

Well, there is not much detail available about Lindquist’s husband including his professional career.

Hence, this remains unknown if Dan is also engaged in the same professionalism as his wife is engaged in.

Kerstin Lindquist Husband
Kerstin Lindquist and her husband with their kids. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Lindquist also prefers keeping her marital status away from the public and she has barely shared about her husband openly in the media sources.

Therefore, it is challenging to explore Dan as none of the social media sources have shared any details about him.

Similarly, Dan has maintained a low profile and this won’t be wrong to say that he is among the people who are not comfortable being in public and in the media.

Additionally, Lindquist has also barely shared pictures with his husband on her social media platforms including Instagram.

How Many Kids Do Kerstin Lindquist And Dan Lindquist Have?

The happy couple, Kerstin Lindquist and Dan Lindquist are the parents of three kids. The Lindquist couple is blessed with two daughters and one son.

Kerstin and Dan have named their daughters Grace and Georgia and their son’s name is Ben.

In an interview, the couple shared that they initially wanted to be a parent and they were pregnant also but had a miscarriage.

Kerstin Lindquist Son
Kerstin Lindquist and her son Ben were photographed together in a single frame. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, she also tried fertility treatments, but the negative results saddened them and left the couple with depressed, isolated feelings.

The duo got pregnant after five months of adopting a baby. Furthermore, the pair have also posted some snaps of their daughters on Instagram.

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More Details On Kerstin Lindquist and Dan Lindquist Family

Kerstin Lindquist and Dan Lindquist have already started a family of their own and the whole family lives happily.

They have an adopted son and two biological daughters. The details about the ongoing life of the Lindquist family can be explored by following them on IG.

Kerstin is an active Instagram user and she is registered under the username @kerstin.lindquist.

Dan Lindquist Family
Dan Lindquist is a family person and some of his snaps can be explored on social media. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention, Kerstin was born in the United States of America to her parents but their names are not accessible on the web.

On the other hand, Kerstin has talked about her mother’s death. It has been reported that her mother dealt with cancer.

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