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Arn Anderson Illness And Health 2024: What Happened To American Author?

Anderson, the American author, is also a professional wrestling road agent. The questions about Arn Anderson illness have grabbed the attention. What happened to him?

Martin Anthony Lunde is a famous author and a professional wrestling road agent. He is famous for his ring name, Arn Anderson.

Besides that, Arn is widely famous as one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in history and has a successful singles career.

For your information, Anderson is a four-time champion of NWA/WCW. After he retired from the wrestling world, Arn also worked as a producer for WWE until 2019.

Additionally, Arn made his official career debut on January 2, 1982, in Georgia Championship Wrestling when he was introduced by the ring name Jim Vertaroso.

Recently, questions about his illness have been widely circulated on the internet sources, and fans also seem captivated to know if anything is wrong with him.

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Arn Anderson Illness: What Happened To American Author?

Arn Anderson has always been the fan’s favorite wrestler and has a considerable fan following on his social media platforms.

There have been rumors circulating about Anderson’s illness, and many of his loved ones are worried about the fact.

Well, this appears to be a rumor only as Arn himself hasn’t shared much about the matter, and none of the official sites have shared any details regarding his health issues.

Arn Anderson Illness
Arn Anderson does not have an illness, but the rumors about this matter have remained in the limelight for a long time. (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

So, for now, the news about his illness remains not true as there is no truth behind the matter, and Arn is doing completely fine as he is also active on his social media handle.

Anderson has been tweeting a post on his Twitter, although he hasn’t shared any updates about his health-related information or if he is suffering from any.

Therefore, the news about Anderson’s illness yet remains unclear as of this writing unless the truth information is shared by himself or his family members.

Arn Anderson Health Update 2024

The four-time NWA/WCW World Television Champion, Arn Anderson caught the fan’s attention after the news about his illness circulated on social media channels.

As said earlier, there is fan truth behind this news, although he has shared some of his experiences when he got sick during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arn Anderson Health
Arn Anderson health is fine but his well-wishers are eager to know if he is dealing with any problems. (Source: FoAnderson’s

Others shared that the Coronavirus left them sick, and he also talked about the symptoms he suffered from on his podcast, The Arn Show.

Following that, Arn further said, “I got sick a couple of weeks ago for about 10 days,”. Arn revealed that his illness took place during a window that AEW did not have a show at Daily’s Place.

Then, the retired wrestler also mentioned that he later tested positive for having COVID-19 antibodies but never tested positive for the virus while he was sick.

Where Is Arn Anderson Now?

Arn Anderson is active on various social media platforms including Twitter and from his Twitter handle, he has been sharing posts related to his current life.

Apart from that, Anderson often gets linked to Ole Anderson, as people speculate that they are brothers.

Arn Anderson Now
Arn Anderson is a former wrestler. (Source: Reddit)

However, there is no truth about the Andersons having a blood relationship. Meanwhile, it can be said that they are relatives.

Arn married Ole’s daughter making Ole his father-in-law. Furthermore, he is also in the limelight following the tragic announcement of O, le’s demise.

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