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Billy Joel Eye Injury: What Is Wrong With His Eyes? Health 2024

At the 2024 Grammys, Billy Joel graced the event with his wife, Alexis, and daughters, Della and Rmy, and performed his new single, “Turn the Lights Back On.” Meanwhile, his eye caught the attention of everyone out there. So, Is he having an eye injury?

Billy Joel is an acclaimed American musician known for his skills as a pianist and songwriter.

The New York City native earned the nickname “Piano Man” after his famous song from 1973.

Joel’s career spans several decades, and he has released twelve studio albums that encompass a range of genres from pop to rock, and even a classical music album in 2001.

The 74-year-old singer’s music has resonated with audiences worldwide, with record sales exceeding 160 million.

His songs, such as “Just the Way You Are” and “She’s Always a Woman,” continue to be celebrated classics even today.

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Billy Joel Eye Injury: What Is Wrong With His Eyes?

No. The renowned American musician Billy Joel doesn’t have a glass eye.

Billy Joel eye injury
In 1982, during a concert in Long Island, a firework accident severely damaged Billy Joel’s left eye. (Image Source: Rolling Stone)

The Piano Man hitmaker has often been the subject of speculation due to the noticeable difference in his left eye.

Contrary to rumors, Joel has confirmed that he does not have a glass eye, humorously adding that he does have a “wooden leg.”

Moreover, the abnormality in his left eye is the result of an unfortunate incident that occurred during a concert in Long Island, New York, in 1982.

At the height of his career, following the release of his critically acclaimed album “The Nylon Curtain,” Joel was on a world tour.

During one of his performances, a firework reportedly malfunctioned and exploded near his face, causing severe damage to his left eye.

The New York City native underwent multiple surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage.

Despite these efforts, the musician’s vision in the affected eye could not be fully restored.

Billy Joel eye injury reportedly had a significant impact on him, both physically and emotionally.

In July 2022, Joel mentioned having a “leaky eye,” resulting from insufficient lubrication in one of his eyes.

Regardless of his eye condition, Billy Joel continues to captivate the hearts of audiences worldwide with his music.

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Billy Joel Health 2024: Does He Have Any Illness?

As of this writing, the legendary singer Billy Joel doesn’t seem to be battling any serious illness. At least there have been no recent reports in regard.

Billy Joel eye injury
As of this writing, the legendary musician Billy Joel is not battling any illness. (Image Source: Page Six)

The renowned songwriter or pianist Joel has been prominent in the music industry for several decades.

During his long and remarkable career, the American musician accumulated a massive fanbase that continuously expressed its concern for his health.

Given his advanced age, the concern about his health issues and illness is understandable.

But, they can rest assured, as there seems to be no cause for alarm regarding the celebrated artist’s health.

Furthermore, the musician continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his timeless melodies and captivating performances on stage.

However, in December 2022, Joel had to cancel a concert due to a viral infection, but it was rescheduled to June 2023.

Even in his 70s, Joel continues to captivate audiences with his timeless music and energetic performances.

His concerts, marked by his signature piano skills and soulful voice, showcase a vitality that belies his age.

We wish him continued prosperity and good health in the coming days.

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