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That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review

The blurb copy line for the movie “That Guy Dick Miller” is commendable as it perfectly captures the essence of a lesser-known but cherished movie personality.

That Guy Dick Miller DVD

Indiecan Entertainment
2014 / Color & B&W / 1:78 widescreen / 92 min. / Street Date May 19, 2015 / 16.99
Starring Dick Miller, Lainie Miller Allan Arkush, Belinda Balaski, Kent Beyda, Steve Carver, Julie Corman, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Jon Davison, Fred Dekker, David Del Valle, Ernest R. Dickerson, Frances Doel, Corey Feldman, Robert Forster, Zach Galligan, Mark Goldblatt, Marshall Harvey, Jonathan Haze, Jack Hill, Tina Hirsch, John Hora, Jackie Joseph, Jonathan Kaplan, Larry Karaszewski, Leonard Maltin, Paul Petersen, Robert Picardo, Fred Olen Ray, John Regis, Adam Rifkin, William Sadler, John Sayles, Michael Schlesinger, Chris Walas, Mary Woronov.
 Elle Schneider
Original Music Jason Brandt
Produced by Elija Drenner, Lainie Miller
Edited and Directed by Elijah Drenner

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
That Guy Dick Miller

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This documentary stands out among the numerous films about film personalities by quickly winning over its audience.

Dick Miller, an unsung hero of the industry, possesses a captivating screen presence despite not receiving industry recognition. His genuine and unassuming nature ensures that he never goes unnoticed on screen.

The documentary, spanning ninety minutes, focuses on an actor who epitomizes the multitude of character players who are often overlooked but adored by audiences.

Throughout his sixty-year career, Dick Miller has consistently contributed to every show he’s been a part of, becoming a central figure in vintage fringe Hollywood cult moviemaking.

Director Elijah Drenner adeptly gathers a host of individuals who have worked with Dick Miller, creating a comprehensive portrayal of the man behind the movies.

The documentary is akin to “This Is Your Life,” featuring a multitude of notable personalities eager to share their experiences of working with Dick Miller.

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
That Guy Dick Miller

Dick Miller is widely recognized for portraying gritty characters akin to the street-smart actors from the early ’30s, particularly in his roles under Roger Corman.

His most renowned performance was in the beatnik horror comedy “A Bucket of Blood,” where he played Walter Paisley, a coffee shack bus boy turned accidental murderer.

Despite his on-screen persona, the documentary emphasizes that this character was far from Miller’s real personality.

Following his portrayal of Native Americans and cowboys in Roger Corman’s productions, Miller ingeniously improvised the role of a vacuum-cleaner salesman in “Not of this Earth,” thereby etching his name in film history in an exceptionally unconventional manner.

The film delves into Miller’s family background, his intermittent career as a writer, and his successful marriage to actress Lainie Miller, who is depicted as an energetic and versatile performer.

Despite his popularity and versatility, Miller never achieved household name status, experiencing a period of career stagnation when Corman shifted his focus to youth-oriented stories.

However, a new generation of filmmakers, including John Davison, Joe Dante, and Allan Arkush, who started with Corman, continued to cast Miller in their movies, recognizing his ability to infuse humor and depth into any role, from an actors’ agent in “Hollywood Blvd.” to a local promoter in “Piranha.”

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
That Guy Dick Miller

The documentary “That Guy Dick Miller” occasionally deviates from its primary focus on Dick Miller, featuring tangential anecdotes and stories related to other individuals.

The film seems to miss opportunities to provide a clear and comprehensive narrative, often jumping into unrelated accounts.

Despite its shortcomings, the documentary still offers a delightful peek into Dick Miller’s life and career, especially for devoted fans.

However, some feel that it falls short of offering a thorough exploration of Miller’s life, with a predominant focus on superficial details.

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
That Guy Dick Miller

The film is praised for its affectionate tribute to the actor but is criticized for not delving deeper into Miller’s personal life and career.

While it features a plethora of interviews with actors and filmmakers, the documentary is deemed more of a nostalgic tribute rather than a comprehensive retrospective of Dick Miller’s life.

In a candid admission, former teenage actor Corey Feldman confesses to displaying unfavorable behavior while on the set of The ‘Burbs.

It is noted that the film leaves much to be desired in terms of revealing substantial insight into Miller’s personality and career, hence lacking a clear point of view.

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
DVD Savant Review

The documentary showcases a wide array of Dick Miller’s film and TV appearances, presenting both montaged clips and detailed scenes with insightful analysis.

One admirer highlights Miller’s portrayal of a straight leading man as a scientist-hipster in the modest space epic “War of the Satellites.”

Director Drenner incorporates clever animation to add variety without overwhelming the documentary. While the 92-minute runtime might be slightly lengthy, the overall content is engaging, with only a few moments feeling repetitive.

The interviewees are lively and animated, with their fond memories of working with Miller often leading to laughter. The documentary effectively concludes with a sentimental finish, leaving viewers with a sense of nostalgia for Dick Miller.

While “That Guy Dick Miller” may not cater to all audiences, it is likely to be well-received by film enthusiasts and the curious.

That Guy Dick Miller: DVD Savant Review
That Guy Dick Miller

Indiecan Entertainment’s DVD release of “That Guy Dick Miller” presents a well-executed portrayal of this engaging and polished documentary.

The film features an abundance of film clips, with the majority being in excellent condition, while only a few show minor imperfections.

It offers a rare glimpse of clips from Roger Corman’s early westerns, showcasing excellent quality new footage.

The documentary is adorned with superior graphics and animation that tastefully enhance the viewing experience, complemented by a soundtrack by Jason Brandt that effectively captures the unconventional essence of a maverick actor’s life.

“That Guy Dick Miller” comes highly recommended, skillfully presenting a slice of captivating Hollywood history without compromising on depth, and introducing viewers to a delightful array of individuals.

The DVD is also packed with appealing bonus content, including outtakes, a Q&A session from the L.A. premiere, Dick Miller’s home movies, a photo gallery, Miller trailers, and an interview with makeup artist Rick Baker.

On a scale of Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor,

That Guy Dick Miller DVD

Movie: Very Good ++
Video: Excellent
Sound: Excellent
Supplements: Los Angeles premiere Q&A; Dick Miller’s home movies, interview with Rick Baker, outtakes, photo gallery, trailers.
Deaf and Hearing-impaired Friendly? Yes; Subtitles: English
Packaging: Keep case
Reviewed: August 15, 2015

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