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Cardell Hayes Wife: Is Will Smith Shooter Married? Family Details

After the shooter in Will Smith’s case was convicted of manslaughter for the 2016 incident, there’s now concern about Cardell Hayes wife. The shooter appeared in court with his family recently.

Cardell Hayes is a person from the United States of America whose name came into prominence in the media following his involvement in the case of Will Smith.

Smith was shot to death in 2016. Cardell was named the person who shot Smith. For your information, Smith was an American professional football player.

Furthermore, the case was again in the limelight after Hayes was convicted of manslaughter in a retrial.

In December 2016, Hayes was initially convicted of manslaughter in Smith’s killing by a non-unanimous jury.

He was also found guilty of attempted manslaughter in the shooting of Smith’s wife, Racquel Smith.

With the recent update on the case, online users have raised their eyebrows on the topic related to Hayes’s personal life.

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Cardell Hayes Wife: Is Will Smith Shooter Married?

Cardell Hayes wife name has left everyone concerned. As of now, none of the verified media sources have given the facts about Hayes being married.

So, it can’t be confirmed whether Cardell has a wife. Cardell never shared anything about his personal matters in the media.

Cardell Hayes Wife
Cardell Hayes was photographed holding his son in March 2021. ( Source: NOLA.com )

However, a report by ESPN noted that Hayes is the father of a son. So, he may have raised a son with his partner, whose name remains unclear.

In addition, his son’s name has also been kept confidential. This makes it clear that Hayes is highly aware of his privacy.

All About Cardell Hayes Family Details

Cardell Hayes was recently found guilty of the manslaughter of Will Smith. Cardell appeared in court with his family members.

When Hayes was found guilty, his family members, including his cousin New Orleans Bounce artist Big Freedia, left the court distraught.

Cardell Hayes Family
Cardell Hayes’ family faced a tragic moment when his father, Anthony, was killed in 2005. ( Source: WWL- TV )

There is very little information related to Cardell’s other family members, as they all have stayed away from the media.

However, it is known that Cardell’s dad, Anthony Hayes, was killed in 2005 by New Orleans police officers.

In 2005, Anthony was shot and killed by New Orleans police officers after an argument with a pharmacy employee while armed with a pocket knife.

More Facts On Will Smith Shooter Cardell Hayes

Cardell Hayes is currently in the limelight due to his involvement in the killing of NFL star Will Smith.

Hayes was once considered among Louisiana’s top prep football players. In 2004, he was named one of the top 50 players in the state for the class of 2005.

Likewise, he played for Warren Easton High School. It has also been noted that Cardell once owned a tow truck business.

Furthermore, he was found guilty in the murder case of Will Smith, which happened following a car crash in 2016.

Shooter Cardell Hayes
Shooter Cardell was found guilty in the murder case of Will Smith, which happened following a car crash in 2016. ( Source: NOLA.com )

The shooting occurred in April 2016 after 34-year-old Smith and his wife had dinner at a New Orleans restaurant.

As they left in their vehicle, Hayes, driving behind them, rear-ended the couple’s car, according to police at the time.

At some point, they exchanged words, and Hayes shot Smith multiple times. Reportedly, Hayes was arrested at the scene.

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