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Cush Jumbo Weight Loss Before And After: Does She Have A Cancer?

Cush Jumbo is an actress who maintains her fitness to the point. Most of her photos on social media show that she has lost weight. Due to this, fans wants to know more about Cush Jumbo’s weight loss journey.

Cush Jumbo is a famous British actress, writer, and producer best known for her work on stage and television.

Jumbo shot to fame for her role as Lucca Quinn in the legal drama series The Good Wife and its spin-off The Good Fight.

Likewise, Cush has an impressive theater background, having appeared in numerous acclaimed productions, including Josephine and I and Julius Caesar.

She has received critical acclaim for her performances, earning nominations and awards for her work both on stage and screen.

In addition to her acting career, Jumbo has also ventured into writing and producing. Besides her professional career, Cush often makes headlines for her personal life.

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Cush Jumbo Weight Loss Journey Explored

Cush Jumbo weight loss news has remained in the limelight for quite a while now. As said earlier, Jumbo likes to maintain her weight.

So, it is believed that Cush has a proper diet plan, and she also works out to maintain her physique.

As said earlier, she starred in The Good Fight and shared some experiences about that time in an interview.

Cush Jumbo Weight Loss
Cush Jumbo has been open about her weight loss journey. (Source: Instagram)

At that time, she was pregnant, and two weeks before giving birth to her child, she was filming scenes in heels.

Four months after the birth, Jumbo was due back on set. She couldn’t get back in her costumes if she didn’t lose weight.

Due to that reason, Cush worked out at the gym until a week before the birth and began back barely a month later.

Cush Jumbo Before and After Weight Loss Photos

The before and after weight loss photos of Cush Jumbo have been compared by some people on the internet sources.

As mentioned earlier, Jumbo talked about her experience while filming The Good Fight in the past as she was pregnant.

Cush Jumbo Before and After
Cush Jumbo has maintained her weight by working out in the gym. (Source: Instagram)

After giving birth to her child, she had gained weight, and to get back in action, she needed to come back to her shape.

So, by eating a good diet and working out in the gym, Jumbo was able to lose weight and started filming again.

Apart from that, Jumbo herself has posted some of her snaps on her Instagram account, where she can be followed as @cushjumbohere.

Does Cush Jumbo Have A Cancer?

Cush Jumbo not only makes headlines for her weight loss journey but also for her health news.

It’s been a while since her fans have raised questions about the actress having some health problems.

Currently, Cush is completely fine and is not dealing with any kind of illness. However, rumors went viral on social media, saying that the actress has cancer.

Cush Jumbo Cancer
Cush Jumbo does not have cancer, but the rumor came due to her short hair. (Source: Instagram)

The rumors came into the spotlight due to Cush’s shaved head. Jumbo cut her hair short in 2018.

It happened while filming the second series of The Good Fight. When she had long hair, she had to spend quite a long time making it, and due to that, she didn’t have time to spend time with her child.

Due to that, Cush decided to cut her hair short. So, her short hair created confusion among her fans, but the actress does not have cancer.

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