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Is Derek Imig Fired, What Did He Do? Twitter And Reddit Update

The question has remained prominent in the media for a long time. Why was Derek Imig fired? The news regarding his firing from his job has created a buzz, but the facts about the incident have not been updated.

Derek Imig is an Executive Supply Chain Professional. According to his LinkedIn bio, he is the Director of Distribution Processes.

Between September 2022 and May 2023, he worked as Vice President of Logistics at Marshall Retail Group/InMotion.

Before that, he had multiple roles at a company named CarParts.com. Undoubtedly, Derek has gained broad experience by working in various companies.

Apart from his work, Derek’s name came into the limelight in 2023 after the news of his firing from a job went viral.

The news still makes headlines online, and many of his followers have questioned this topic.

Is Derek Imig Fired: What Did He Do?

As said earlier, Derek Imig fired news from his job has left everyone confused. Derek himself has not given much facts about it.

However, the topic came up in 2023 when he shared a Twitter post saying he was fired from a $ 400,000-a-year job.

Derek Imig Fired
Derek Imig was fired from his job, and he shared the news via his Twitter account in March 2023. (Source: Twitter)

In the tweet, Derek wrote, “I was just fired from a $ 400,000-a-year job for standing up for women and white people. My full story will be coming out soon.”

It went viral, and later, his account was suspended. Many people shared the screenshot of the tweet on Reddit and discussed the matter.

A person wrote, “No, you got fired for openly admitting that you would commit a hate crime and not have a bit of remorse about it.”

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Derek Imig Update On Twitter And Reddit

Derek Imig being fired from his job has left everyone concerned. The news has gone viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit.

As said earlier, Derek posted on Twitter that he was fired from his job. Meanwhile, Reddit users created threads to discuss this matter.

Derek Imig Twitter
Derek Imig has worked in many companies in the past. (Source: Military.com)

Many people criticized Imig, and some even made fun of him. A person said, “Screw his story, I just want to know where this now-vacant $400k job can be found.”

Moreover, Derek also appeared on the Stew Peters Network, where he talked about the matter.

More Facts On Derek Imig: Who Is He?

Derek Imig is a Executive Supply Chain Professional and US Army Logistics Officer Veteran. As per his work history on LinkedIn, he has worked in many companies in the past.

During his time in the US Army, Derek took multiple roles, such as Transportation Platoon Leader (Lieutenant) and Senior Program Manager, Logistics.

Likewise, Imig worked at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He served as a National Marketing Manager / Matchmaker at WFC: World Fighting Championships.

Army Derek Imig
Derek Imig was an operations officer in a sustainment brigade during his tenure in the US Army. (Source: Military.com)

From 2014 to 2019, Derek was the President and Founder of the Las Vegas Competitive Sports Association.

Regarding his educational background, Derek went to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and earned his Bachelor’s degree. Later, he attended the University of Phoenix and received his MBA degree.

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