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The ‘Star Wars’ Movie You Won’t Be Seeing Next Year

Star Wars fans and Democrats both hope for a revival of their past magic. Democrats want a leader like FDR, and Star Wars fans want a movie like the original, 37 years ago.

Time and again, these aspirations have been disappointingly thwarted, akin to the dashed hopes experienced from Return of the Jedi to The Phantom Menace, mirroring the political transitions from Walter Mondale to Al Gore.

Presently, they are placing their faith in what they see as a forward-thinking director, JJ Abrams (reminiscent of Barack Obama), to rectify the disastrous aftermath left by George Lucas (comparable to George W. Bush).

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Deconstructing the Anticipation and Challenges of the New Star Wars Movie

In this article, the author discusses the challenges and expectations surrounding the release of the new Star Wars movie, expressing skepticism about its potential success.

The author parallels the divided opinions about Barack Obama’s legacy and the anticipation surrounding the new Star Wars film.

The article delves into the historical context of the original Star Wars release and its impact on audiences.

It also highlights the significant changes in the movie marketplace since 1977, emphasizing the unique circumstances that contributed to the original film’s success.

The author expresses skepticism about the upcoming Star Wars film, suggesting that it is predestined to achieve financial success despite potential shortcomings in its quality.

The article emphasizes the immense pressure on the new film to live up to the legacy of the original trilogy, especially considering the drastically evolved movie industry and the heightened scrutiny from today’s audience.

The author reminisces about the profound impact of the original Star Wars film on audiences, attributing its success to a combination of factors such as ingenious cinematic influences, direction, cinematography, music, and performances.

Star Wars Cast Members
Star Wars Cast Members

The article underscores the element of surprise surrounding the original release, as it emerged in an era devoid of modern media platforms and pre-release hype.

The article discusses the challenges the new Star Wars film faces, including the intense scrutiny from fans, the necessity to cater to a broad global audience, and the pressure to live up to the original’s appeal.

It also mentions the filmmakers’ intentions to minimize the use of CGI and return to real locations and scale models, aiming to capture the essence of the original trilogy.

The author emphasizes the importance of understanding what made the original Star Wars appealing while creating a sequel or remake.

The article cites examples of previous Star Wars sequels and prequels, criticizing some of Lucas’s creative decisions and their impact on the franchise’s reception.

In conclusion, the article critically analyzes the challenges and expectations surrounding the new Star Wars film, highlighting the need to balance modern filmmaking techniques with an understanding of the original film’s appeal.

The author’s skepticism reflects the immense pressure on the new film to satisfy a diverse and demanding fan base while maintaining the essence of the iconic Star Wars franchise.

Advocating for a Thoughtful Approach to the New Star Wars Film

The author advocates for a more restrained and thoughtful approach in the new Star Wars movie, emphasizing the need for a reduced reliance on visual effects and a greater focus on character-driven storytelling.

The article suggests that the excessive use of CGI in modern films detracts from the cinematic experience, calling for a return to real, unenhanced locations to support the development of the characters and the narrative.

The article criticizes J.J. Abrams’s filmmaking style, particularly citing the abundance of visual effects in his previous works such as “Star Trek (2009).”

It expresses concern that Abrams may prioritize visual spectacle over the narrative and character development, which the author believes to be essential for the success of the new Star Wars film.

The author reminisces about the cultural impact of the original Star Wars, highlighting its role in providing escapist entertainment during a period dominated by downbeat and pessimistic films.

The article contrasts the contemporary movie landscape, where high-concept escapism has become the norm, and audiences have developed a more sophisticated understanding of movie technology.

Star Wars Return OfTheJedi
Star Wars Return OfTheJedi

The article raises the issue of catering to the original Star Wars fanbase, particularly those who are now in their late 40s to late 60s.

It suggests that the new film should consider reflecting the concerns and experiences of the original trilogy’s beloved characters in their later years, appealing to the broader age spectrum that the original film successfully captured.

The article concludes with a longing for the new Star Wars movie to recreate the widespread appeal of the original, where audiences of all ages and backgrounds were drawn to the cinematic phenomenon.

It questions why a similarly inclusive and universally enjoyed experience cannot be replicated in today’s movie landscape.

In summary, the article advocates for a shift towards a more restrained and character-focused approach in the new Star Wars film, expressing concerns about the potential neglect of narrative depth in favor of visual spectacle.

It also emphasizes the desire to recapture the broad and enduring appeal of the original Star Wars for audiences across different age groups and backgrounds.

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