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Eddie Ratcliffe Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Brianna Ghey Murder Suspect?

Eddie Ratcliffe is a name that sends chills down the spine. The teenager has recently been convicted of killing Brianna Ghey.

In the heart of Britain, a horrifying crime unfolded in February 2023 that shook the nation.

The victim was Brianna Ghey, a vibrant 16-year-old transgender girl, whose life was brutally cut short.

Ratcliffe, a teenager, along with his friend and accomplice Scarlett Jenkinson, planned everything carefully and killed Brianna.

The court found that their sadistic tendencies were the primary motivation, with transphobia playing a secondary role.

The crime’s brutality and the subsequent public outcry led to Ratcliffe’s life sentence recently, with a minimum of 20 years before parole eligibility.

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Eddie Ratcliffe Wikipedia & Age: Brianna Ghey Murderer

Eddie Ratcliffe was born in 2007, making him 33 years old as of 2024.

But the convicted criminal was only 15 years old and a child at the time when he stabbed Brianna Ghey to death.

Eddie Ratcliffe Wikipedia
Eddie Ratcliffe Wikipedia has been trending online after he was sentenced to life imprisonment. (Image Source: Jersey Evening Post)

According to reports, Eddie has been diagnosed with autism, selective mutism, and a high level of social anxiety.

Due to this, the judge, lawyers, and the court took great care of him throughout the trial.

For instance, Eddie gave evidence by typing his on a computer and the jury read his answers were displayed on screen. Also, there was an intermediary to read that out.

In addition, he was also given a therapeutic device, including fidget toys, and tangle, to aid calmness.

However, many have questioned whether Ratcliffe’s silence is truly beyond his control. They speculate that it might be a strategy to evoke compassion and dodge accountability.

They also acknowledge that his silence could genuinely stem from the traumatic experience of participating in the murder.

Eddie Ratcliffe Family And Parents

As the middle child of three, Eddie Ratcliffe grew up in a seemingly normal family.

His mother, a fitness and wellbeing coach turned ski instructor. Eddie’s conviction for a horrible crime shattered their peaceful existence.

The aftermath was devastating, with his mother losing her job due to the case’s publicity.

It has been reported that Brianna Ghey’s murderer avoided eye contact with his parents throughout the trial.

The guilty verdict left his mother in tears, her despair was evident as Eddie was led to the cell.

Now, Eddie Ratcliffe is held at Barton Moss, a secure youth accommodation unit in Salford.

His arrogance there has not won him any favors. Also, the convicted murderer reportedly made complaints about the food, particularly the freshness of the fruit.

Eddie Ratcliffe Was A Top Student And Had No Criminal History

Eddie Ratcliffe was once a diligent student with no criminal history.

Excelling in his studies, the criminal passed eight GCSEs while in custody and began self-teaching A-levels in biology, chemistry, pure maths, and English literature.

Eddie Ratcliffe Wikipedia
From right to left, Eddie Ratcliffe, and Scarlett Jenkinson. (Image Source: The Independent)

He aims to study microbiology at university. Ratcliffe’s association with Scarlett Jenkinson, his co-defendant, began at Culcheth High School when they were 11.

Their friendship took a dark turn when Jenkinson persuaded Ratcliffe to participate in the murder of Brianna Ghey.

Despite agreeing to the plan, Ratcliffe hesitated on the timing, giving Brianna an additional week of life.

Jenkinson’s notebook, discovered by the police, had a chilling description of Ratcliffe, labeling him as ‘trustworthy’, a ‘sociopath’, and ‘genius level’.

Despite the horrific crime, Ratcliffe seemed detached, even discussing Valentine’s Day plans hours after the murder.

While his lawyers portrayed him as manipulated, evidence suggests Ratcliffe was a willing participant in the murder, indulging in Jenkinson’s dark fantasies.

On the day of the murder, Eddie reportedly met Brianna for the first time, exchanging hardly any words.

He claimed innocence, attributing the blood on his clothes to checking on the victim.

However, evidence pointed towards Ratcliffe as the one who frenziedly stabbed Brianna 28 times.

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