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Fiona Phillips Weight Loss Before And After: Is She Sick Now?

The English journalist revealed her Alzheimer’s diagnosis last year. Her health has been a matter of concern since. Amidst this, netizens think her physique has changed. Are Fiona Phillips weight loss rumors true?

Fiona Phillips, born on January 1, 1961, is a renowned English journalist, broadcaster, and television presenter widely recognized for her role on the ITV Breakfast program GMTV Today.

Her career began in independent radio, reporting for local stations before transitioning to television, where she co-presented BBC South East’s Weekend program and later worked as a reporter and entertainment editor for CNN News.

Phillips has a diverse television portfolio, including presenting shows like OK! TV and is a regular panelist on Loose Women.

She also participated in the third series of Strictly Come Dancing. Beyond TV, Phillips has contributed to print and radio, writing an opinion column for the Daily Mirror and hosting on Smooth Radio.

Notably, she voiced Katie Current in the British release of Shark Tale and has been a steadfast presence on various ITV and BBC programs, highlighting her versatile media career.

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Fiona Phillips Weight Loss Before And After

Fiona Phillips, the respected English journalist and television presenter, has never been one to focus publicly on weight loss.

Having struggled with diets as a teenager, Phillips found them to be only temporary solutions.

By 23, she decided to stop weighing herself altogether, emphasizing her indifference towards her weight despite maintaining a relatively slim figure, around a size ten.

Her dietary preferences include being a lifelong vegetarian, a choice she made in her teenage years, with a particular fondness for potatoes, a craving inherited from her mother.

Fiona Phillips Weight Loss
Fiona Phillips has not undergone weight loss. (Source: People)

Phillips has primarily remained out of the public eye for the past year, and any changes in her weight, if they have occurred, have not been a matter of public record.

Known for her pragmatic approach to life and health, Phillips has not pursued weight loss as a goal, and any differences in her appearance over time can be attributed to natural aging rather than a deliberate effort to lose weight.

Before and after photos circulating in the media do not highlight significant changes in her physique, reinforcing the idea that Fiona Phillips has aged gracefully without focusing on weight loss.

Furthermore, the public should focus on her career and achievements, not on her supposed weight loss.

Is Fiona Phillips Sick?

Indeed, the beloved TV presenter Fiona Phillips has bravely shared some sad news about her health.

At 62 years old, she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that affects memory and thinking.

Fiona is taking part in a unique medical trial for a new medicine called Miridesap, which doctors hope might help slow down or even improve her condition.

It’s still a mystery whether she’s receiving the actual medicine or a placebo, which is a harmless pill used in these kinds of studies.

Fiona Phillips Weight Loss
Fiona Phillips was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. (Source: Deadline)

Fiona has noticed changes in her memory, like sometimes forgetting what she was about to say.

This is not usual for her, as she’s known for being a great talker. She describes these moments as strange and a bit scary, showing us how challenging it can be.

In addition to her Alzheimer’s, Fiona also talked about a physical health issue she had six years ago—a compressed disc in her back.

This problem sometimes makes it very hard for her to walk. She shared how there have been times when the pain was so bad she couldn’t walk at all and needed to go to the hospital.

Fiona’s openness about her health challenges is brave and helps others understand what living with these conditions is like.

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