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Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going After Leaving QVC? New Job And Salary

The journalist Kerstin Lindquist left QVC in 2023. This has prompted the question, “Where Is Kerstin Lindquist going?” Has she found a new job?

Kerstin Lindquist is a beacon of inspiration, driven by her purpose to empower women by boosting their confidence and encouraging them to embrace joy in their lives.

She finds a sense of belonging and community in her work with the QVC® team and cherishes the connection with her customers.

Kerstin’s journey includes overcoming the challenges of infertility and adoption, leading to her vibrant, mixed-race family of five.

Growing up in southern California, she is fluent in English and Spanish and boasts a unique experience as a roller-skating snowflake at Disneyland.

Kerstin is a successful author with an Amazon bestseller to her name. Beyond her professional achievements, she is deeply committed to her faith, family, and role as a certified health coach, dedicating her life to serving others.

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Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going After Leaving QVC?

Kerstin Lindquist, a cherished face on QVC and a beacon of inspiration, has recently taken a step back from her vibrant role on television.

After twenty years of creating a deep, personal connection with over 150 million viewers through her genuine vulnerability and captivating storytelling, Kerstin has embarked on a new chapter in her life.

In 2023, she took a three-month hiatus from QVC to participate in missionary work with her family in Baja California, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to service and faith.

Kerstin’s journey is not just about her time on TV; it’s a testament to her multifaceted career and passion for wellness and helping others.

She continues to influence and inspire as an IIN and board-certified health coach, Chief Wellness Officer, and a contributor to various publications.

Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going
Kerstin Lindquist is on a break from QVC. (Source: Instagram)

Her authorship of books on faith and wellness, alongside her successful devotional journal and Bible sets with Zondervan, showcases her dedication to spiritual and physical health.

An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Kerstin has also made her mark with a lifestyle brand that resonates with many, driven by her personal experiences and a message of hope.

Despite speculation about her future with QVC, Kerstin’s journey is guided by a larger purpose—reflecting her belief that her achievements are manifested through her faith at work.

Kerstin and her family enjoy exploring sunny locales filled with water, sand, and joy.

While the specifics of her next steps after QVC remain unconfirmed, it’s evident that wherever she goes, Kerstin Lindquist will continue to spread light and inspiration rooted in her faith and commitment to serving others.

Kerstin Lindquist New Job And Salary

Kerstin Lindquist, a well-known personality from QVC, has had an illustrious career that spans various facets of media and authorship.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kerstin remains an integral part of the QVC family, where she has been a program host since October 2011.

Over these years, she’s not just sold products; she’s shared stories, connected deeply with viewers, and become a beloved figure in many households.

In addition to her enduring role at QVC, Kerstin has significantly contributed to the literary world.

Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going
Kerstin Lindquist is still with QVC. (Source: Instagram)

She authored impactful books such as “5 Months Apart,” which delves into parenting, adoption, infertility, and faith, and “Where’s My Crown For Acting Like Everything Is Fine?” These works reflect her journey and resilience through life’s challenges.

Before joining QVC, Kerstin honed her media relations, marketing, sales, communication, and social media marketing skills through various roles in news reporting and anchoring across the United States.

This rich background has undoubtedly contributed to her success and versatility as a host at QVC.

While specific details about her salary remain private, Kerstin’s diverse skill set and tenure at a premier shopping network like QVC suggest she is well-compensated for her multifaceted role.

Through her work, Kerstin inspires and connects with audiences, embodying the spirit of resilience and hope.

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