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Is Elisabeth Moss Related To Kate Moss? Family And Net Worth

Sharing the same surname, Moss has created debate among fans. They are questioning Is Elisabeth Moss related to Kate Moss or not. Do they share the same bloodline?

Both of them have carved their paths in different fields, with Elisabeth making a name for herself in the acting industry and Kate reigning supreme in fashion.

But as they share the same surname, people can’t help but question if they have any familial connection.

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Fact Check: Is Elisabeth Moss Related To Kate Moss?

Although Elisabeth Moss and Kate Moss share a common surname, they are unrelated.

In addition, the accomplished actress and supermodel hail not only from different families but also from different countries.

Is Elisabeth Moss Related To Kate Moss
American actress Elisabeth Moss has no familial connection with the British Supermodel Kate Moss. (Image Source: ABC News)

Furthermore, both artists have built successful careers in their respective fields and have amassed considerable wealth.

Due to this, the public curiosity surrounding their personal lives is understandable.

Also, in the showbiz industry, it is not uncommon for people to assume that celebrities with the same last name are related.

As stated above, despite sharing the same surname, these two successful women are unrelated.

Moreover, the surname “Moss” is pretty common in various ethnic groups, including English, Irish, or Jewish.

Thus, sharing a surname and involvement in the same field doesn’t necessarily imply a familial connection.

Elisabeth Moss Family Background

Two-time Primetime Emmy Awards-winning actress Elisabeth Moss was born in Los Angeles, California, on 24 July 1982.

She is the daughter of Ronald Charles Moss and Linda Moss (née Ekstrom). “The West Wing” star has one younger brother.

While the actress’ father is originally from Birmingham, England, her mother is of American and Swedish descent.

As for the profession of Elisabeth Moss’ parents, both of them are musicians. Her mom plays jazz and blues harmonica professionally.

Elisabeth was raised a Scientologist. The main ideas of Scientology include the belief in reincarnation and the idea that past traumatic events can cause problems in the mind.

Kate Moss Family Background

In stark contrast, Katherine Ann Moss, Kate Moss, was born in Croydon, Greater London. The British supermodel was born on 16 January 1974.

Is Elisabeth Moss Related To Kate Moss
British supermodel and fashion designer Kate Moss is a native of Croydon, Greater London. (Image Source: Evening Standard)

Linda Rosina Moss (née Shepherd) and Peter Edward Moss are the mother and father of the 50-year-old model.

While Kate’s mom worked as a barmaid, her dad was an airline employee. They raised their famous daughter in the Addiscombe and Sanderstead areas of the borough.

Moreover, the Croydon native is not the only child of her parents. She has a younger brother, Nick Moss, and a half-sister named Lottie (Charlotte).

Kate Moss’ parents parted ways when she was 13.

Elisabeth Moss Net Worth Vs. Kate Moss Net Worth

Elisabeth Moss, an accomplished American actress, has a net worth of $30 million.

She is widely recognized for her roles in hit series like The West Wing, Top of the Lake, Mad Men, and “The Handmaid’s Tale.

Her role as Peggy Olson in “Mad Men” made her internationally recognized.

On the other hand, British supermodel and fashion designer Kate Moss has a net worth of $70 million.

She became globally famous in the 1990s and has since created her own clothing and perfume lines.

According to reports, the fashion icon earned over $10 million per year during her heyday.

Moreover, the supermodel is one of the highest-earning models and is considered highly influential. Despite some controversy, she remains popular worldwide.

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