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Is James Brown CBS Sick? Illness And Health 2024

Due to his advanced age, there has been significant concern about the CBS Football program “The NFL Today” host James Brown illness and health.

James Talmadge Brown, commonly known as James Brown, is a renowned American sportscaster.

Born in Washington, DC, the American sportscaster has significantly contributed to sports broadcasting, particularly in American football.

He is best known for hosting “The NFL Today” on CBS Sports and “The James Brown Show.”

His career in sports broadcasting began in 1984, and he has since worked with major networks such as Fox Sports and CBS.

In addition to his sports coverage, Brown also serves as a Special Correspondent for CBS News, contributing to various news programs.

The Washington DC native’s professionalism and dedication have made him a respected figure in both sports and news broadcasting.

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Is James Brown CBS Sick? Illness And Health

The esteemed CBS sportscaster James Brown continues to maintain a strong presence in the broadcasting world with no reported health concerns.

James Brown CBS Sick
There have been no official reports related to James Brown health and illness. (Image Source: CBS Sports)

Although there has been much concern about his health issue recently, the special correspondent has not shared anything serious in regard.

Despite advancing years, Brown’s commitment to his work remains unwavering.

The 72 years old continues to host his shows on CBS with the same vigor and enthusiasm that have characterized his long-standing career.

In a recent conversation on “Face the Nation,” Brown highlighted the significant strides being made in the NFL toward enhancing diversity in its leadership ranks.

This observation highlights his active engagement with current issues within the sports industry.

Given the physical stamina and mental acuity required for his role, it is reasonable to assume that Brown is in good health.

Brown’s ongoing active participation in his work serves as a testament to this.

For fans and regular viewers of CBS Sports, it is reassuring to know that James Brown is thriving in his career and enjoying a healthy personal life.

Nevertheless, James Brown’s fans and well-wishers can rest assured as the CBS Sports official is in good health and still actively contributing to the industry.

James Brown Has Been Working With CBS Since 1970s

James Brown was born on 25 February 1951 in Washington, D.C. The distinguished figure in the world of sports broadcasting was born to his parents, John and Maryann Brown.

James Brown CBS Sick
James Brown continue to contribute actively in the sports journalism world. (Image Source: Facebook)

Despite being drafted 62nd overall by the Atlanta Hawks in 1973, Brown transitioned into the corporate world after failing to secure a roster spot with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in the mid-1970s.

Brown worked for prominent companies such as Xerox and Eastman Kodak before venturing into sports broadcasting in 1984.

Brown’s broadcasting career began with the Washington Bullets television broadcasts and as an analyst for The NBA on CBS alongside Frank Glieber.

He later assumed an anchor position at WDVM-TV (later WUSA) in Washington and undertook some work at CBS Sports.

In 1994, Brown accepted the position of host of the NFL on Fox’s pregame show, sharing the set with former football players Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long and former coach Jimmy Johnson.

After the 2005 NFL season, Brown left Fox to rejoin CBS Sports, citing a desire to remain closer to his home in Washington, D.C.

James was removed from CBS’s college basketball coverage after a one-year stint in 2007.

But he continues to host the college basketball pregame, halftime, and postgame in the CBS studios in New York City while Greg Gumbel, the main host, is on assignment.

Since then, Brown has been a consistent presence in the media industry, contributing significantly to its growth and evolution.

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