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Lala Kent Health And Illness Update 2024: Is She Sick?

Lala Kent health has become popular after online reports of her pregnancy news surfaced. The reality TV star recently revealed that she is expecting her second child.

Lala Kent is a renowned American television personality, actress, and model. She gained prominence for her role on the reality TV series Vanderpump Rules.

Kent joined the show in its 4th season and quickly became known for her outspoken personality and dramatic storylines.

Kent has pursued acting and modeling opportunities outside her reality TV career.

She has appeared in films such as The Row and 10 Minutes Gone, as well as in various modeling gigs and magazine spreads.

Furthermore, Kent also makes rounds on the internet sources for various reasons including her personal life as she was engaged to Randall Emmett.

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Lala Kent Health Update In 2024

As of 2024, Lala Kent is fine and there is no news of the reality television personality having health problems.

Meanwhile, Kent announced her pregnancy and due to this reason, the topic related to her health issues also created confusion among her followers.

Lala Kent Health
Lala Kent health is fine and there are no facts about the reality television personality having any issues. (Source: Instagram)

Lala recently shared the news of her pregnancy saying that she is going to be a mother for the second time soon.

She took to her Instagram handle to share the happy news saying that she is expanding her family. She wrote, “I’m expanding my pod.”

The announcement came just one month after disclosing her intrauterine insemination plans.

Lala Kent Illness News: Is She Sick?

Lala Kent illness news has remained in the limelight for quite a while now. However, she is fine and Kent is not dealing with any health problems.

Apart from that, she is the mother of a daughter named Ocean and in the past, she talked about her daughter’s health problems.

Lala Kent Illness
Lala Kent does not have an illness but her daughter has faced some issues in the past. (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, Kent talked about the serious problem when she took her daughter to the emergency room after she became upset in her bedroom.

Reportedly, her daughter was diagnosed with croup. Croup is a disease that causes swelling in the airways and breathing problems.

Kent also gave some updates about her daughter’s health update via her Instagram handle.

What Happened To Lala Kent Daughter?

Lala Kent once came into the spotlight after she shared the news of her daughter’s health scare. In 2022, she opened up about her daughter’s health in a podcast called Give Them Lala.

In the podcast, Kent said she had to rush her daughter to the emergency room. She said that her daughter Ocean was diagnosed with croup.

Lala also gave an update saying, “Luckily, Ocean’s lungs are developed so it is something that if you catch it quickly is very treatable.”

Lala Kent Daughter
Lala Kent has a daughter she shares with her ex-fiance Randall Emmett. (Source: Instagram)

Ocean was born from her relationship with Randall Emmett. Lala also said that she was unaware of Ocean’s issues while in her father’s care.

As of now, Lala’s daughter is fine and she is doing well in her life. Also, Kent shares snaps of her child via her Instagram handle.

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