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Victor Siharath Wife: Is He Married? Kids And Family Details

Recently, a Pomona, California resident came into the limelight for a crime he committed. The police arrested him as they suspected him of the connection to the death of three girls.

Late Saturday night, police arrested Victor Siharath after a car crash at White Avenue and Phillips Boulevard in Pomona.

Siharath had been in a similar situation before, having a DUI conviction. Aly Mejia, from the Pomona Police Department, confirmed this.

The collision caused moderate to severe injuries to everyone involved. Los Angeles County Fire Department responders treated them at the scene.

Sadly, two women died there, and three others were taken to the hospital. Tragically, another woman passed away at the hospital.

The incident is a sobering reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence and the importance of responsible behavior on the road.

It’s a heartbreaking situation that has affected multiple lives and left families grieving.

The community mourns the loss of these individuals and hopes for the swift recovery of those injured.

Though his incident made him search all over the internet, netizens now want to know more about his personal life details and family background.

They are questioning if he is married and he has children.

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Victor Siharath Wife: Is He Married?

Victor Siharath is the suspect for killing three ladies in a serious car accident in Pomona.

While much has been reported about the incident, many are curious about his life, including whether he is married and has a family.

As of now, details about Victor Siharath’s marital status are not readily available.

It’s unclear whether he is married or has children. The focus has largely been on the legal proceedings following the accident.

Three Ladies killed by Victor Siharath
Three Ladies were killed by Victor Siharath. Photo Source(ABC7)

However, speculation about his family situation has sparked interest among those following the case.

People are eager to learn more about Siharath’s background and personal life, including whether he has a spouse and children who may be affected by the outcome of the legal proceedings.

The suspect seems to be more of a tight-lipped person and is not social media friendly, as he has not posted anything related to his personal life details.

As the suspect has not considered answering the question about his wife and personal details, we can’t say if he is married and has a family.

Victor Siharath: Kids And Family Details

Victor Siharath’s recent arrest after a tragic accident that caused the deaths of three women has caught the attention of many online users.

Now, people are curious about his personal life, especially if he has a family and kids. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about Victor’s family.

He hasn’t talked publicly about his relationships or whether he has children.

Victor Siharath Wife
Police arrested Victor Siharath late Saturday night after responding to a two-vehicle traffic collision at White Ave and Phillips Blvd in Pomona around 11 p.m. Photo Source(au.news.yahoo)

Even looking through his social media profiles, no pictures or posts show his parents or other family members.

This lack of information has led to speculation about his living situation. Some wonder if he lives alone or if his family members are affected by what happened.

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