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Netflix One Day Justin Eely Wife: Was He Married? Family Details

The personal life of Netflix’s One Day editor has garnered a huge amount of public attention. The Netflix series paid tribute to its online editor, and viewers are concerned about Justin Eely’s wife.

Justin Eely was famous for his work in the showbiz industry as he worked in the editorial department. He remained active in the scene for a long time.

According to Eely’s IMDb bio, he worked in more than 100 movies and television series, which did pretty well in the industry.

He mainly worked as an editor in many projects, and his first TV mini-series was Rhodes, released in 1996.

Gradually, Eely started to get more projects and worked in many hit films. Likewise, Eely shot to fame after One Day’s release on Netflix.

Furthermore, Justin’s name has been making headlines following the release of One Day, as the series paid tribute to him in a recent episode.

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Netflix One Day Justin Eely Wife: Was He Married?

Yes, Netflix’s One Day editor Justin Eely was a married man who lived a happy life with his beloved wife. The name of his wife remains unclear.

Multiple sources have claimed that Eely was married. Also, Eely was active on Instagram, and from his account, he had posted multiple snaps with his wife.

Justin Eely Wife
Justin Eely was a married man who used to share snaps of his wife and their young daughter. (Source: Instagram)

It remains unclear when Justin and his wife tied the knot, but based on their images on Instagram, it can be said that they remained married for many years.

The topic of Justin’s married life came into the spotlight following the release of One Day on Netflix.

All About Justin Eely Family Details

Justin Eely was a family person who loved spending most of his spare time with his close ones. As said earlier, he was a married man who lived blissfully with his partner.

Apart from that, Eely and his wife had also started a family of their own. Justin was the father of a child, a daughter named Freya.

Justin Eely Family
Justin Eely was a family man who used to share snaps of his loved ones on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

On September 11, 2019, Justin posted some images of his daughter, saying, “4 1/2 years later, and we are off to school. Dream big, little one.”

Justin and his daughter had a good bond with each other as the film editor never hesitated to showcase his moments with his cute daughter.

A Look Back On Editor Justin Eely Life

Justin Eely was widely recognized for his work as an online editor. Justin worked in the film industry for decades and got a chance to be a part of different movies.

Reportedly, Justin grew up in London. At the time of his passing, Eely resided in Crouch End with his wife and their young daughter.

According to his Instagram bio, Eely was associated with Company 3. He joined the respective company in 2021 and remained there until his demise.

Editor Justin Eely
Editor Justin Eely was also interested in sports and participated in many events as a triathlete. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from being a film editor, he was also passionate about sports, as Eely was a triathlete.

From his IG handle, Justin used to showcase his moments as he participated in events.

Not only that, but Justin was a seven-time Ironman Triathlon winner. He has already passed away, but there are very few details regarding his passing.

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