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Who Is Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe? Kids And Family Details

A sad announcement was made by Kayla Itsines and her husband, Jae Woodroffee, through their social media accounts. They shared the heartbreaking news of the passing of Jae’s mother, Jenny, along with some photos, on his Instagram handle.

The fitness enthusiastic and entrepreneur Kayla took her Instagram and wrote heartfelt words,

“Rest in Peace my beautiful perfect mother-in-law. I’ve gone my entire life without an idol… Then I met you. I have never wanted to learn so much off someone so fast in my life.”

Kayla expressed her deep sadness over losing her mother-in-law and how much she admired her as a truly perfect human being.

Besides that, Kayla, who is known for being an amazing personal trainer and entrepreneur, netizens now want to know who her husband, Jae Woodroffe, is.

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Who Is Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe?

Kayla Itsines is a happily married woman to her husband, Jae Woodroffee.

Kayla first went public alongside her husband on January 28, 2022, via her social media handle.

She declared and told that she couldn’t be much happier with her beau and best friend, soon turning into her husband.

In July, Itsines revealed that she sold Sweat, the fitness app she created with her former fiancé Tobi Pearce, to the US company iFIT for around $400 million.

Itsines and Pearce, who are still in charge of Sweat from Adelaide, shared in August 2020 that they had separated on good terms after being together for eight years.

They said they would stay business partners, “close friends, and committed parents” to their daughter Arna.

Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe married
Kayla Itsines Husband Jae Woodroffe married. (Photo Source thenews)

Moreover, as her ex-fiance, Tobi Pearce, announced he had found his love again, she didn’t waste time and shared a photo of herself alongside Jae for the first time.

She happily captioned the photo,

“Meet Jae, everyone! My best friend for years and now, partner, For all those people replying to my stories saying You look really happy….. thank you!! I am”.

Jae Woodroffe, husband of Kayla Itsines, is a native of Adelaide, where he has spent most of his life. His Instagram profile shows that he is passionate about bikes, cars, and planes.

According to adelaidenow, Woodroffe works at SA Living Solutions, a non-profit organization that provides housing for needy people.

Before meeting Itsines, Woodroffe was not active on social media and kept his Instagram account private.

However, once the couple went public with their relationship, he made his account public and now has garnered over 40k followers.

Jae Woodroffe Kids

Jae and Kayla are blessed with a boy, Jax. However, Kayla also had her eldest child, three-year-old Arna, with Tobi Pearce.

Jae Woodroffe Son and Daughter
Jae and Kayla, Son and Daughter Photo Source: Instagram)

Nowadays, Woodroffe frequently posts adorable and affectionate photos of himself, Kayla, and their daughter, Arna, and son, Kax, while enjoying their lives in Adelaide.

The couple often enjoy themselves with their children, going on vacation to several places.

Jae Woodroffee Family Details

As said above, Jae was very close to his mother, who recently passed away. Sadly, Jenny lost her battle against cancer.

Moreover, besides her mother, Jae was also linked with another woman pastly. Jae was linked with one of Itsines’s close friends.

Jae dated Lauren Belotti for about five years, who happened to be a neighbor of Itsines in Malvern. The three of them became close after going on a trip to Queensland in May.

Not long after, Itsines and Woodroffe seemed to have developed feelings for each other. Woodroffe had ended his relationship with Belotti before getting together with Itsines.

Dillon, who is also in the online fitness industry, runs a competing app called Move With Us.

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