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Was Robin Windsor Gay? Gender Sexuality And Partner Davide Cini

Following the death news of British professional Latin death, fans are assuming that the British professional Latin was not straight. Is Robin Windsor gay rumors true?

The professional Latin and Ballroom dancer Robin Windsor is famous for appearing in the BBC television series Strictly Come Dancing.

Windsor has been keen on a dancing career since his childhood, and he raised his interest in the field when he was young.

Further, Windsor gradually made him the past of multiple competitions, and he also represented England, amassing numerous World Championships, including at the national and international levels.

For more than seven years, Robinson was part of the cast of Burn the Floor. And throughout his career, his name was linked with multiple persons, which is why fans have raised their concern to know about his relationship and sexuality.

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Was Robin Windsor Gay? Gender Sexuality

British professional Latin and Ballroom dancer Robin Windsor’s name has been linked with many media personalities, which led to the gay rumors about Robin all over the internet sources.

Windsor’s sexuality wasn’t straight as he dated Davide Cini, to whom Robin was also engaged.

Similarly, Robin was also seen on the cover of Gay Times and again in 2014 with Marcus Collins.

Robin Windsor Gay
Robin Windsor appeared in Gay Times in January 2013, which created rumors about his sexuality. (Source: The Sun)

For your information, Windsor was also romantically involved with X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins, and their love story was famous at that time.

So, following his dating history, it has been pretty clear that he wasn’t straight, although Robin never mentioned openly about his sexuality with his fans and followers, as he only hinted at this.

Additionally, he supported The Stonewall Charity campaigning for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Equality and was also part of many charity events.

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Robin Windsor Partner Davide Cini

As said earlier, Robin Windsor dated Davide Cini, and the couple was one of the best and most popular duo back then.

The relationship between Robin and Davide couldn’t long last. Not to mention, Robin announced his engagement on August 21, 2013.

Likewise, their engagement couldn’t turn into marriage, as Robin and Davide parted ways in February 2014.

Robin Windsor Partner
Robin Windsor was engaged to Davide Cini, but they were not married. (Source: Metro UK)

The former pair broke up shortly after it was confirmed that he was in a relationship with X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins.

For your information, when Robin and Davide got engaged, they celebrated the moment alongside Riley with champagne at Manhattan’s Soho House.

Short Details On Robin Windsor Dating History

Robin Windsor was previously engaged to Davide Cini. Following their separation, Robin was said to be in a relationship with X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins.

Marcus is a famous English singer whose name came into the spotlight following being a finalist on the eighth series of The X Factor in 2011.

Robin Windsor and Marcus Collins
Robin Windsor and Marcus Collins were in a relationship in the past, and both of them have appeared on the cover of Gay Times. (Source: The Mirror)

Furthermore, Marcus has remained active in the musical scene since then and has also released some of his songs.

As mentioned earlier, Robin and Marcus have appeared on the cover of Gay Times. Moreover, Robin and Marcus split in February 2015.

However, the pair got back together later that year. Despite their reconciliation, their relationship ended.

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