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Kali Reis Death Plot Explained: What Happened To Her On True Detective?

Kali Reis death plot in True Detective has grabbed everyone’s attention. She plays the role of Trooper Evangeline Navarro in the famous HBO docuseries True Detective.

Kali Reis is a notable professional boxer and actress from the United States of America who has had an active presence in the showbiz industry for a long time.

Furthermore, Reis made her debut on the big screen by appearing in Catch the Fair One. Reis’s acting work was loved by many, and she has since appeared in other projects, too.

Moreover, Kali’s acting work can be seen in Catch the Fair One and Asphalt City. In addition to that, Reis also has an impressive boxing record.

Meanwhile, Reis is currently in the media prominence for her appearance in the HBO docuseries True Detective, where she plays the role of Trooper Evangeline Navarro.

The documentary’s season finale left viewers with many questions surrounding the fate of one Navarro.

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Kali Reis Death Plot Explained

Kali Reis appears as Trooper Evangeline Navarro in True Detective. After finally finding out the facts about Annie K’s murder, Chief Danvers and Navarro have to wait out a blizzard.

The power goes out, leaving the two ladies with no way to communicate with others or the capability to drive.

After that, they build a fire to try and stay warm¬†while waiting for the storm to pass. Navarro reveals that she saw visions of Danvers’ late son Holden before running onto the ice.

Kali Reis Death
Kali Reis death news came into the limelight after the True Detective season finale ended. ( Source: The US Sun )

She runs out onto the ice while whispering, “Come, Evangeline,” with her hand extended. Danvers runs out after Navarro but begins hearing voices calling for her via the wind and starts seeing visions.

After seeing a vision of Holden trapped under the ice, Danvers begins chipping away at the ice and falls in. Navarro can save her. So, it can be concluded that Reis’ character has not died.

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What Happened To Kali Reis On True Detective?

Kali Reis is making headlines due to her appearance in True Detective. In the show, Danvers and Navarro try to solve a series of casualties in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska.

During a police interview months following the fatal night at Tsalal, Danvers is questioned on Navarro’s vanishment.

In a flashback, Danvers strolls through Navarro’s empty house and encounters her late son’s beloved stuffed polar bear left on her bed.

True Detective Kali Reis
Kali Reis is one of the main cast members on True Detective, where she plays the role of Trooper Evangeline Navarro. ( Source: The US Sun )

Adding to the confusion is the last part of the HBO series, which shows Danvers sitting on the porch of a private waterfront cabin before Navarro comes in and stands beside her.

Furthermore, with the return of the light, it appears Danvers and Navarro have both found the separate peace they’ve been wanting.

Besides that, the topic of Kali’s character’s death has created a buzz online. Also, Kali has talked about it in an interview.

Kali explains that the ending is suggestive of the show’s central characters. So, the actress says it’s up to viewers to decide what happened to Navarro as the show has left enough evidence.

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