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What Happened To Kristen On FBI Most Wanted? Reason Behind Leaving The Show

What Happened To Kristen On FBI Most Wanted? The analyst and special agent of the show was mysteriously written off from FBI Most Wanted, leaving her fans worried.

Kristen Chazal is a character in the hit CBS series FBI. The role is played by renowned American actress Ebonee Noel.

Not to mention, Noel is a notable actress who has had an active presence in the film line for many years.

She shot to fame after landing the role of Kristen Chazal in FBI Most Wanted. Chazal is a special agent of the Dallas Field Office.

Furthermore, Chazal is reported to be broadly educated and deeply analytical. Also, she pieces together the big shot faster than anyone and loves to tell you about it.

Meanwhile, Kristen just appeared in seasons one and two of the show. Due to that, viewers are asking questions about the reason behind her departure from the FBI.

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What Happened To Kristen On FBI Most Wanted?

Kristen Chazal is a character on FBI Most Wanted. During season 2, she achieved her dream of becoming a field agent but nearly passed away in the line of duty.

In season 2, episode 10, titled The Ties That Bind, Chazal was stabbed in the throat when she interfered in a fight between Maggie and a murderer.

What Happened To Kristen On FBI Most Wanted
Kristen Chazal is a character on FBI Most Wanted and played for two seasons. (Source: ScreenRant)

The next episode, Fallout, ensured viewers that Chazal would survive. In season 2, episode 15, Legacy, Kristen returned to the field to help arrest a terrorist.

The following season, Kristen mysteriously disappeared from the show, leaving viewers to ask multiple questions.

Kristen Chazal Reason Behind Leaving The Show

As said earlier, Kristen Chazal disappeared in the third season of FbI, which left many people concerned.

As of now, the actual reason behind her departure from the show has not been revealed. Meanwhile, the actress herself has not talked anything about this topic.

Kristen Chazal FBI
Kristen Chazal mysteriously disappeared from the FBI in the third season, but the reason has not been revealed yet. (Source: ScreenRant)

On November 18, 2020, Ebonee took to her Instagram handle to honor her character Kristen. She wrote,

“Here’s to Boss Women like Kristen Chazal. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them, and to quote the icon @itsgabrielleu, may we “Lift her in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

Despite that, Ebonee didn’t share anything about the reason behind her exit from the show.

Ebonee Noel Role On FBI

As said earlier, Ebonee Noel came into the limelight after appearing as Kristen Chazal on FBI and played for two seasons.

Apart from the FBI, Noel has also worked in many movies and TV series that have helped her establish a name in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Noel made her acting debut by landing the role of Nana in Product of My Environment in 2013.

Ebonee Noel Actress
Ebonee Noel is an American actress who has worked in many movies and television series. (Source: Deadline)

Gradually, Ebonee started to get recognition and worked in other movies. Some of her notable works can be seen in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Still Star-Crossed.

Her most recent acting credit is The Kings of Napa, in which she played the role of August King. Moreover, she is still working actively in this field.

Besides, Ebonee is active on Instagram as @eboneereigne, with over 22k followers.

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