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What Happened To Steve Kerr And Where Is He Now? Reason For His Absence

Steve Kerr missed Monday’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Utah Jazz. Due to this reason, the topic of his absence has garnered a huge public attention. So, what happened to Steve Kerr?

Steve Kerr is an American former professional basketball player and current head coach of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

Kerr had a successful playing career, winning five NBA championships as a player. Also, he is known for his three-point shooting ability and clutch performances in key moments.

After retiring as a player, Kerr transitioned into coaching. He served as a television analyst for NBA games before being hired as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

Under his leadership, the Warriors achieved remarkable success, winning three NBA championships in 2015, 2017, and 2018.

Moreover, Kerr is currently making headlines as he didn’t appear in a recent game of his team against the Utah Jazz held on February 13, 2024.

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What Happened To Steve Kerr? Reason For His Absence

Steve Kerr is completely fine and there is no news of the NBA coach having any issues with his health.

However, the topic of his life has created a buzz after Kerr remained absent in a recent game of the Golden State Warriors against the Utah Jazz.

What Happened To Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr was photographed while attending the funeral services for Dejan Milojevic in Serbia. ( Source: Eurohoops )

His team walked away with a 129-107 victory and improved their record to 26-25. Meanwhile, many people noticed Kerr’s absence in the game.

Due to this, fans asked many questions about the reasons behind Kerr’s absence. It has been reported that Steve attended the funeral of Dejan Milojević.

Dejan was a former assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors who died on January 17, 2024, after suffering a heart attack.

Where Steve Kerr Now? Update

Steve Kerr recently attended the funeral services of the former Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojevic.

Due to that reason, Kerr was unable to attend the game of his team against the Utah Jazz. Despite that, the Warriors won the game.

Steve Kerr Now
Steve Kerr recently remained absent in a game between the Warriors and the Utah Jazz. ( Source: )

Furthermore, it can be said that Kerr will now lead in the upcoming games of his team. Due to his absence, netizens also made unwanted speculations about his health.

However, there is no truth about Kerr having any illness. Some photos of Kerr at the funeral services of Dejan have been shared on social media.

Short Details On Steve Kerr Health Problems

As mentioned earlier, the topic related to Steve Kerr health has created a buzz online due to his absence in his team’s recent match.

Due to that, people were making unwanted speculation noting that the Warriors head coach may have had some health problems.

However, there is no fact about it as Kerr is still doing well in his life and there are no truths about him dealing with any kinds of serious illnesses.

Steve Kerr Health
Steve Kerr health is completely fine but he had some issues in the past due to an injury. ( Source: San Francisco Chronicle )

Apart from that, Steve faced some issues in the past. In 2015, Kerr had surgery on his back to fix a problem, but something went wrong.

Kerr got a rare problem where fluid from his spine leaked out, causing him terrible headaches and pain.

Because of this, he had to take a break from his coaching duties for a while. So, as of now, the Warriors head coach is completely fine.

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