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Paul Pogba Health And Illness 2024: Is He Sick Now?

Paul Pogba health news has dragged a huge amount of public attention. Recently, it was announced that Pogba was banned from football for four years for a doping offense. 

Paul Pogba is a French professional footballer currently signed by Serie A club Juventus. Furthermore, Paul has remained active in this sport for a long time.

Pogba started his professional career with the team of Manchester United, joining their youth academy in 2009.

He made his first-team debut in 2011 but struggled to secure a regular spot in the starting lineup.

In 2012, he moved to Juventus in Italy, where he flourished and became one of the most promising midfielders in the world.

During his time at Juventus, Pogba won numerous domestic titles and established himself as a key player for both club and country.

Currently, Pogba is making headlines after the news of his ban from football was shared. He received a four-year ban from football for a doping offense.

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Paul Pogba Health Update In 2024: Is He Sick Now?

As of 2024, Paul Pogba is fine and there is no news of the footballer dealing with any kinds of serious health problems.

There are no facts about Pogba having any issues with his health. Meanwhile, the rumors about his health came following his ban from football.

Paul Pogba Health
Paul Pogba health is fine but in the past, the footballer dealt with depression. ( Source: Instagram )

He was banned from football for a doping offense. Due to his ban, people are speculating that Pogba may have some health issues.

Apart from that, Pogba has not said anything about the rumors related to his health. Besides that, he has encountered some injuries in the past.

Paul Pogba Illness: Battle With Depression

Paul Pogba has not been diagnosed with the illness. However, in the past, the footballer opened up about his battle with depression.

Likewise, Pogba has been open about his mental health problems. Once, the footballer said, he experienced depression several times in his football career.

Paul Pogba Illness
Paul Pogba does not have an illness but he has been open about his depression battle. ( Source: Instagram )

Pogba had some problems when José Mourinho was the manager of Manchester United. He talked about his depression saying,

“I have been through it, but we don’t talk about it. Sometimes you don’t even know you have depression, you just want to be isolated, to be all alone, these are the unmistakable signs.”

Meanwhile, Pogba said he speaks with former players, to alleviate depression. He said, “My psychiatrist can be my best friend, my wife, or my son.”

Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Doping Offense

As per a recent report, Paul Pogba has been banned from football for four years for doping offenses.

In September 2023, the French football player was temporarily suspended after a drug test showed high levels of testosterone in his system.

Furthermore, Pogba was randomly tested after Juventus’ first match of the season on August 20.

Paul Pogba Banned
Paul Pogba received a four-year ban from football for a doping offense. ( Source: Instagram )

In October, Italy’s anti-doping tribunal confirmed the positive test from a second sample and recommended a four-year suspension, as requested by the anti-doping prosecutor’s office.

Juventus informed the BBC that they received a notification from the anti-doping tribunal on Thursday morning.

Moreover, Pogba also shared the news on Instagram saying that he was shocked about the news. Likewise, Pogba would appeal in this case.

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