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Is Sheila Carrasco Pregnant In 2024? Weight Gain And Baby Bump Rumors

Sheila Carrasco pregnant news is trending on the internet sources. The actress has not talked much about her expecting her second child.

Sheila Carrasco is a multitalented American actress, writer, and producer, recognized for her contributions across television, film, and theater.

Some of Sheila’s notable acting credits include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, and Shameless.

In addition to her on-screen work, Carrasco has made significant strides in the realm of theater, particularly through her solo performances.

Furthermore, Carrasco made her acting debut by landing a role in The Untouchables. Gradually, Carrasco started to get more offers and worked in other movies.

She also has a credit working as a producer in a TV series titled Marisol. In 2022, Carrasco was nominated for the Imagen Foundation Awards.

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Is Sheila Carrasco Pregnant In 2024?

As of 2024, Sheila Carrasco is not pregnant but rumors regarding her pregnancy have left her followers confused.

None of the media outlets have given the facts about Sheila expecting a child at this time. Due to this, it can be confirmed that the rumors about Carrasco’s pregnancy are fake.

Sheila Carrasco Pregnant
Sheila Carrasco is not pregnant but the rumors have left many people confused on social media. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from that, Carrasco has not made any comments about the ongoing rumors related to her personal life.

For your information, Carrasco is a mother of a child. Before giving birth to her first child, Carrasco made the announcement of her pregnancy in July 2023.

Later, in November 2023, she welcomed her child with her partner Josh and also shared some snaps on Instagram.

Sheila Carrasco Baby Bump Rumors Gone Viral

Sheila Carrasco baby bump rumors have also left many people confused. As said earlier, the topic of Sheila’s pregnancy is trending online.

Due to this, online users have also made unwanted speculations about Carrasco being pregnant or being spotted with a baby bump.

Meanwhile, Carrasco gave birth to her first child in November 2023. Before welcoming her child, she had posted multiple images of her baby bump.

Sheila Carrasco Baby Bump
Sheila Carrasco posted a photo of her baby bump before giving birth to her first son in 2023. ( Source: Instagram )

Carrasco can be followed on Instagram under the username @sheilatabasco. So, most photos of Sheila’s baby bump can be found easily on her Instagram handle.

Apart from that, Sheila is married to her husband Josh. The duo shares a good bond and in October 2022, Carrasco posted a photo with her husband on IG.

She wrote, “Happy TEN YEAR Anniversary to the sweetest smiliest smoochiest man alive. I love you Josh.”

More Facts On Sheila Carrasco Weight Gain

After the rumors about Sheila Carrasco pregnancy went viral, another topic related to her weight gain also made headlines.

As of now, Sheila appears to have gained weight but the verified media sources have not given anything yet.

Sheila became a mother in 2023 and after welcoming her first child, Carrasco may have gained weight but she has not talked much about this matter.

Sheila Carrasco Weight Gain
Sheila Carrasco has not gained weight but the news about her weight gain has remained in the media for a long time. ( Source: Instagram )

In the same way, none of her current Instagram posts hint at Carrasco gaining weight. It appears that the actress may have maintained her weight by working out.

In addition to that, Sheila may also have a good diet plan which helps her maintain her fitness.

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