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What Happened To Sheila Carrasco And Why Did She Leave Ghosts?

Flower is the ghost who got sucked off at the Woodstone B&B. Due to that, viewers have been asking what happened to Sheila Carrasco.

Sheila Carrasco is a talented American actress, writer, and producer known for her television, film, and theater work.

Carrasco has remained active in the showbiz industry for quite a while now. She has appeared in various TV shows, including Jane the Virgin, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Likewise, Carrasco has performed in theater productions such as Stepsister’s Lament and A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story.

Additionally, she has written and produced her own solo shows, such as Anyone But Me and We Are Not These Hands.

Furthermore, Carrasco shot to fame after landing the role of Flower in Ghosts, but viewers are now asking questions about her departure from the show.

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What Happened To Sheila Carrasco?

Sheila Carrasco plays the role of Flower in the new television series Ghosts. The series returned on Thursday, and a spirit was finally sent to the afterlife.

After a few fakeouts, the ghosts discovered that it was Flower who was sucked off in the Season 2 finale, as saw by Sam and Jay.

What Happened To Sheila Carrasco
Sheila Carrasco’s character Flower was sucked off in the Season 2 finale. ( Source: Collider )

Rose McIver plays the role of Sam, while Utkarsh Ambudkar appears as Jay.

The mansion’s final ghost appearance came from Thor, the Viking, who urgently questioned the whereabouts of his girlfriend, Flower, claiming he spotted a butterfly in the pantry.

Furthermore, Sam says she is feeling sad and hurt by the loss, specifically since Flower was one of her best friends.

Why Did Sheila Carrasco Leave Ghosts?

As said earlier, Sheila Carrasco’s character Flower was sucked off to the real afterlife. Many people have also asked the question about being sucked off.

It is a term used on the show to convey the moment the ghosts living in limbo on the estate are finally sent to heaven or hell.

So, Flower was chosen for this because of how her vanishment might disrupt the order of things inside the house.

Sheila Carrasco Leave Ghosts
Sheila Carrasco is famous for playing the role of Flower in Ghosts, but she was recently sucked off. ( Source: Entertainment Weekly )

In the Ghostwriter episode, Flower bonds with Pete after learning that ladies still don’t have equal rights to men.

Likewise, Flower has a deep conversation with him about how identical they are and their bond over basketball.

In season two’s Ghost Hunter, Flower shows remarkable growth after getting riddled with Thor in a ghost trap.

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Sheila Carrasco Appears As Flower In Ghosts

Sheila Carrasco is an actress from the United States of America who is widely famous for her role as Flower in Ghosts.

Flower’s name is Susan Montero, and she is the ghost of a hippie from the 1960s. In D&D, Flower says that she is a pacifist.

Actress Sheila Carrasco
Sheila Carrasco is a prominent actress who has appeared in many movies and TV series. ( Source: People )

Flower died trying to hug a bear while high on acid, so she stays forgetful and in a kind of drugged-out bliss in her afterlife.

Likewise, Flower is a fan of Country Joe and the Fish, as noted in Alberta’s Descendant.

Not to mention, Flower had three brothers and was on her high school basketball group in the episode Ghostwriter.

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