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Where Is Poppy Harlow Going After Leaving CNN? New Job And Salary

Where Is Poppy Harlow Going? This question arises as CNN announces changes to its morning programming lineup, marking the end of “CNN This Morning.”

Poppy Harlow is a prominent American journalist known for her work as a news anchor and correspondent.

Born Katharine Julia Harlow, she adopted the nickname “Poppy” in childhood. Harlow gained recognition for her coverage of business and economic news, contributing to CNN’s reporting on major financial events.

She has anchored various programs, including “CNN Newsroom” and “CNN Tonight.” With a background in journalism and law, Harlow brings a unique perspective to her reporting, covering a wide range of topics from politics to business.

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Where Is Poppy Harlow Going After Leaving CNN? New Job

Poppy Harlow is not leaving CNN. Instead, the morning show “CNN This Morning,” where she currently co-hosts with Phil Mattingly, is undergoing changes.

While the specifics of her new position have not been revealed, Harlow’s talent and experience ensure she will continue to contribute significantly to the network.

This move follows a period of restructuring in CNN’s programming lineup, aimed at enhancing efficiency and addressing declining ratings.

Harlow’s dedication to journalism and her established presence within the network suggest she will continue to be a prominent figure in CNN’s reporting landscape, potentially taking on roles that leverage her expertise in business and economic news.

Where Is Poppy Harlow Going
Poppy Harlow stays at CNN amid “CNN This Morning” restructuring. (Image Source: New York Post)

Having been a fixture on CNN for years, Harlow has demonstrated her versatility as a journalist, covering a wide range of topics with depth and insight.

From anchoring breaking news to conducting in-depth interviews, she has consistently delivered quality journalism that resonates with audiences.

While the end of “CNN This Morning” marks a shift in Harlow’s career, it also presents an opportunity for her to explore new avenues of storytelling and engagement.

Whether she continues to anchor programs, contributes to special projects, or takes on a behind-the-scenes role, her impact on CNN’s journalistic mission is sure to endure.

Poppy Harlow Salary And Net Worth

Poppy Harlow, a distinguished American journalist, has carved out a notable career marked by her contributions to the media landscape.

With a net worth estimated at $6 million, much of which has been accumulated through her endeavors as a writer and journalist, Harlow stands as a prominent figure in the industry.

Throughout her career, Harlow has held various roles across different media platforms, each contributing to her financial success.

Initially starting as an intern at CBS, she quickly made her mark, transitioning to roles at CBS MarketWatch and NY1 News as an anchor and reporter.

Harlow’s journey took a significant turn in 2007 when she joined the Forbes.com Video Network, expanding her reach and influence within the media landscape. This move not only broadened her audience but also provided her with new opportunities to showcase her journalistic prowess.

Where Is Poppy Harlow Going
Poppy Harlow’s varied roles reflect her esteemed journalism career and earnings. (Image Source: USA Today)

However, it was her transition to CNN in 2008 that truly solidified Harlow’s status as a respected journalist.

Initially serving as an anchor for CNNMoney.com and a reporter for CNN, HLN, and CNN International, Harlow’s insightful reporting and engaging storytelling captivated audiences worldwide.

Her dedication and talent eventually led to her appointment as a New York-based CNN correspondent in 2012, further elevating her profile within the network.

In terms of income, Harlow’s salary ranges from $40,000 to $110,500 per year, reflecting her experience, expertise, and contributions to the field of journalism.

While the precise figures may vary, her earnings underscore her significance within the industry and her value as a seasoned journalist.

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